John Denver Tribute Concert In Estes Park By Brad Fitch Was A Great Time!


The 7th Annual John Denver Tribute Concert in Estes Park, held at the Stanley Fairgrounds, was a great time! The music began at 5:00 with the Dennis Tobias Band. The three-some had the crowd clapping and singing along. It was a great pre-show for the concert. The people were loving the music.

Brad Fitch and his band, the Tropi-Cowboys,  came on at 6:30 and started the John Denver Tribute Concert festive night with “Rocky Mountain High.” The crowd loved it!  Everyone was singing along. Not only does Cowboy Brad look like John Denver, he sounds like him too. Throughout the evening, the band played many favorite John Denver tunes which always invoke the audience to sing along! It seemed like everyone knew all of the words to most of the songs.

There were people from New Zealand, Costa Rica, Wales and all over the United States. Everyone was having fun!  The John Denver Tribute Concert was another great success!

Black-Eyed Susans Are Everywhere In Estes Park And RMNP!



I don’t remember seeing so many Black-Eyed Susans in years past. This year they are just everywhere! Either the bags of seeds that I bought last year had lots of Black-Eyed Susan seeds in them or they blew in with the wind. Maybe some of the birds brought them in.

They are just beautiful and very abundant this year. It’s nice because they bloom in mid-July and they are still blooming along the roadsides, gardens and trails in the national park. This is one that I saw on Black Canyon Trail that I took with my camera. I thought it was just so pretty!

The Elk Rut Has Begun In Estes Park, RMNP And In Our Yard!


Last evening I happened to look outside our bedroom window and saw a large 6-pointer Bull Elk on the hill. As I looked around I saw 2 females and a baby nearby.  And, a little distance away, there was a “spike,” a young bull elk. This “spike” was trying to lure the cows away from the older Bull Elk.

It was amazing to watch, right outside our bedroom window!  The females and baby would try to sneak away and the large Bull Elk would chase them back to where he wanted them. Then the younger “spike” would try to lure them away in another direction.

The rut has surely begun! I’ve seen many elk outside our house, but never a large Bull Elk chasing the females around on the mountain. It was quite a sight to see!

After a half an hour or so, the larger Bull Elk chased them up the side of the mountain and the “spike” was left behind. The rut has begun!

Hiking Through The Gorge to Odessa Lake In RMNP Is A Just Amazing!


Yesterday I wrote my Blog on the hike from Bear Lake Trailhead to the Fern Lake Trailhead with  all of the spectacular views. As you hike through the gorge, it is just amazing. If you go in June or early July, there are still some snow fields that you have to cross. I  just had to post this picture as it’s one of my favorites. (although I took it with my phone instead of my camera, so it’s not as clear) You can really see the terrain that the glaciers and avalanches left behind. Can you see the hikers along the trail?

It’s a great hike, especially this time of year! Put it on your list…you won’t regret it! Just make sure you bring lots of snacks and water….it’s about 10 miles!

Hike From Bear Lake To Fern Lake Trailhead In RMNP Was Spectacular!


Yesterday I met my friend, Debbie, and 3 of her friends and we hiked from Bear Lake to the Fern Lake Trailhead. It is just such a beautiful hike! The views are 360 degrees and incredible!

We were on the trail by 8:00 am with cloudy skies and nice, cool temperatures. The hike up Flattop Trail to the cutoff to Odessa Lake got us all going. From there it’s a little up and mostly flat or down.  The hike to the Notchtop overview takes you through pine trees and open meadows that were full of wildflowers a month ago. You can see where the glaciers and avalanches  tumbled the rocks everywhere on their way down the mountain. The views along the trail of Notchtop Mountain, Flattop Mountain, Lake Helene, the gorge, Odessa Lake, Fern Lake, Fern Falls and The Pool  are just unbelievable!

A couple of  little side trips to Lake Helene and Odessa Lake were a must! They were so pretty with the mountains as the backdrop. By the time we got to Fern Lake, it was time for lunch. We found a few rocks in the shade and took a well-deserved break. We had hiked about 5 miles and had about 5 more to go. The sun had come out and it was time to peel off a layer of clothes. What a beautiful day for a hike!

This hike from Bear Lake to the Fern Lake Trailhead is one of my favorites! The views are just spectacular and the terrain that you hike through is so diverse. One of the girls suggested that we make it an annual hike. What  a great idea!

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