The Prickly Poppies Are Gorgeous In Estes Park And RMNP


The Prickly Poppy is such a vibrant white that you can see it from away. And when you get up close, they are even prettier.

I saw my first Prickly Poppy in Rocky Mountain National Park a couple of years ago on Bear Lake Road. I had to pull over just to see what they were. What a treat! Get your camera out but don’t touch . When they say “prickly,” they mean prickly.

Since then I’ve seen them in many places in RMNP and also along Route 34 in Estes Park. They are about 2 feet tall and very leafy with big white, ribbed flowers with yellow centers. They almost look likecrinkly  tissue paper. You can’t miss them if you see them. They usually grow in clumps and are very noticeable.

Get your camera out; it’s worth the photograph!

Richardson’s Ground Squirrels Will Be Thinking About Hiberbating Soon In RMNP


When the Richardson’s Ground Squirrel makes its presence known I always know it is almost summer. They are the cutest little animals, sticking their little heads out of their holes ad running from hole to hole. They are just adorable.

I saw this little guy at Lily Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park. He was munching on every bush he came across down by the lake. Sometimes they move so fast, it is hard to get a good photograph. This guy was so cute I just kept clicking away!

Pretty soon they will be hibernating again for the winter!


Pretty Orange Butterfly On Fall River Road In Rocky Mountain National Park


This may be the last butterfly I post this season. They have been so pretty and fun to try and photograph as they flit from flower to flower. I saw this orange butterfly on Fall River Road in Rocky Mountain National Park.

I think I got a decent photograph but I can’t seem to find it in my butterfly book. Any suggestions as to what kind of butterfly it is?

I’ve seen many black butterflies and white butterflies in the past couple of weeks but they totally elude me. Every time I get anywhere near them, they fly away. I’ll just keep trying!

The Aspens Groves Are Filled With Wildflowers At Lily Lake In RMNP


The yellow wildflowers are blooming in the aspen groves at Lily Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park. Each year I take a picture but I’ve never posted one. I thought this one was really interesting in that you can see the aspen trees which have been mangled by the elk next to the delicate little yellow wildflowers.

I guess I thought it was a photograph of contrasts. What do you think?

Yellow Paintbrush Wildflower At Lily Lake In RMNP


When I think of the Paintbrush wildflower I usually think of “red.” But there is another Paintbrush wildflower which is yellow. I’ve seen it in Rocky Mountain National Park and Lily Lake. It is very similar to the red one but yellow.

The Yellow Paintbrush grows to about 16″ tall with an erect stem and no branches. The flower grows on the upper part of  the main stem and is sometimes hidden in terminal bracts.

It is really pretty and is blooming right now!


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