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Little Snowman Overlooking Old Hidden Valley Ski Slopes And Bowls On Trail Ridge Road In RMNP

The day that Phil and I drove up Trail Ridge Road we stopped at Many Parks Curve to see all of the old Hidden Valley ski slopes. You can see where the old T-Bar was located as well as many of the ski slopes. They are so much easier to see with the snow that trying to find them in the summer when you drive up.

We saw where we snowshoed up the old T-Bar to Trail Ridge Road and then hiked along the road till we got to the bowls. We then snowshoed down Columbine. What a magical day, just trying to relive what life and skiing was like many years ago when Hidden Valley was open.

When I saw this little snowman, it just made my day! I thought it was just adorable!

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The Snow Is REALLY High On Trail Ridge Road Past Many Parks Curve In RMNP

With the cloudy and rainy weekend we had here in Estes Park, Phil and I thought it would be fun to drive up as far as we could go on Trail Ridge Road in RMNP on the first sunny day in a while. We had heard that the “Media Day,” when all of the media is invited up past the gate on Trail Ridge Road to film the plowing of the huge snows, was supposed to be last Friday but was cancelled because of the inclement weather. It has yet to be rescheduled. Kyle from RMNP had sent pictures of the Alpine Center totally covered with snow with snowmobiles going  almost on top of it. The pictures were amazing! I’d never seen so much snow. It reminded me of the photographs we’ve seen of the 1990s and earlier.

Last year when we went up to Trail Ridge Road on Media Day, there was virtually no snow on the sides of the road in the same place that I took this picture. The snow this year is almost 20 feet deep there. It’ll be incredible to see how deep the snows are way up on top by the Visitor’s Center in a few days.

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Old Estes Park Ski Jump Off On Old Man Mountain Was Lots Of Fun In The 1920s!


In the 1920s the Colordo Ski Club built the first ski jump in Estes Park on Old Man Mountain. The ski jump was used for tournaments in the winter and attracted thousands of spectators.

In 1941 they had their first Mid-Summer Ski Meet where they brought in snow from the Fall River Pass for the competition. It was a huge success! These lasted until 1951. Can you imagine the tourists seeing a ski jump tournament in the middle of the summer? What a hoot!

It’s fun to drive down Wonderview Ave. and see the break in the trees right under Old Man Mountain. You can actually see where these ski jump competitions took place! What fun it must’ve been! The snow is starting to melt so I thought I’d better post this soon in case anyone wants to see where the old ski jump competitions were held.

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The Hike To Dream Lake And Emerald Lake In RMNP Is Always Spectacular!


The hike from Bear Lake to Nymph Lake, Dream Lake and Emerald Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park is always spectacular…especially in the winter! The skies are so blue and the snow is so pretty.

Many people hike or snowshoe this trail in the winter. Others who are very adventuresome, will put their skins on their downhill skis and ski up to Emerald Lake and then ski down.

On  the way to Dream Lake from Nymph Lake the trail narrows considerably so you need to go single file. We were lucky that the trail was fairly packed down when we passed by. It was  a gorgeous day when Phil took this photograph!

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New Ski Tracks Near Hidden Valley In Rocky Mountain Natinal Park


We were driving up Trail Ridge Road to Hidden Valley to see what the conditions were like when I saw these fresh ski tracks coming down one of the slopes. Someone looked like they were having fun skiing through all of the trees. I wonder where they started their run…

We have our skis ready and waiting until the arctic blast goes away so we can try our hand at skiing at Hidden Valley. Or maybe we’ll just go snowshoeing…that’s just as much fun!

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