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A Family Of Mule Deer Munching Away In Estes Park, CO

You never know what kind of wildlife you might see when you drive down the road here in Estes Park or Rocky Mountain National Park. This morning we were driving to Safeway and someone coming the other way starting flashing his lights at us. We thought it must be a cop…but as we got closer, we saw a family of Mule Deer was crossing the road. How sweet!

They all crowded together to eat what they couldget  from these bushes at someone’s house. There were 6 in all and they were pretty hungry!

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Guess This Was Why It’s Named The Elkhorn Lodge!


As I was driving on the dirt road to the Elkhorn Lodge the other day, there were 8 Bull Elk just walking around, munching on the grass. I sat in my car and just stared at all of them. They are so beautiful and so huge! Many of them were 6 pointers…the “Men’s Club” was here. I grabbed my camera, hoping to get a good shot when this big guy walked right in front of the Elkhorn Lodge sign. He seemed to stop and admire the sign too. That must be why it was named the Elkhorn Lodge! There certainly are a lot of elk around.

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Mule Deer Enjoying Lunch On Trail Ridge Road In RMNP


On a recent drive through Rocky Mountain National Park, we saw a herd of Mule Deer munching away along the side of Trail Ridge Road. They were so cute! This guy wasn’t bothered by me taking his picture at all!

It’s fun to take a ride through the park and see what kind of wildlife there is that day. It seems like we see something different each time we drive through.

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The Elk Can’t Read Here Either!

I was taking a walk around Lake Estes a couple of days ago. It was a beautiful day here is Estes Park and the views were just spectacular. People were everywhere, taking photographs of all of the elk on the golf course. There must’ve been over 2oo of them just munching away or resting in the shade. They are always a sight to behold. I saw this sign and thought it was pretty funny!

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Huge Herd Of Elk On The 18 Hole Golf Course In Estes Park


We were driving down Highway 7 and saw this huge herd of elk on the golf course. I had never seen so many from the road before.

So, we turned in and I had to take a picture. They must love the golf course grass…it must be very sweet!

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