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Cub Lake Trail Is A Beautiful Hike In RMNP


Cub Lake Trail in RMNP is one of the most diverse hikes in the area. It is filled with so much geological history as well as an abundance of wildflowers, birds, wildlife and gorgeous scenery.  It’s a 2.3 mile up to Cub Lake which is a great place to stop for a snack or picnic lunch. You might even see a moose along the way.

From there you can backtrack or continue on in a loop down to the Pool and then down to the Fern Lake Trailhead and walk back to your car. It’s a great 6 mile loop filled with many things to see!

Phil and I took about a 1 1/2 mile hike up Cub Lake Trail just to see the flowers, birds and wildlife. We weren’t prepared to do the whole hike so we just turned around and backtracked to the car. Anyway you go, it’s a beautiful hike!

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2 Elk Playing In The Water On Cub Lake Trail In RMNP


Phil and I were taking a hike on Cub Lake Trail and saw 2 elk in the distance in the meadow through the trees. A few minutes later we heard some very loud munching. Was it the elk or maybe a moose? It was pretty loud! We decided to investigate.

We bushwhacked through the trees and grass and found a pond that we had never seen before. In it were 2 elk who were playing in the water. It was so much fun to see. One would take a step or two in the mud and then slap his hoof on the top of the water. It was very comical! They seemed to be having a great time and we certainly enjoyed watching them.

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The Bull Elk Are Beautiful With Their Velvet Antlers


The Bull Elk lose their antlers each year sometime in March or April and immediately start growing a new set. They grow very quickly. By now they are very large and are covered with a  beautiful velvet which they will shed in another month or two as they get ready for the rut in September. You can also see how their fur is getting very sleek as they lose their winter coats and are ready for summer. They are just exquisite animals!

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Mamma Elk And Her New Baby Twins In Estes Park


Phil and I were taking a walk near Lake Estes yesterday when we saw several female elk. Two were lying in the high grasses. We thought they were waiting for just the right time to have their babies. They were very content just resting there and they were pretty well hidden.

Then we saw a female elk walking through the brush, followed by two little baby elk. They were just adorable as they ran to keep up with mom. They ate for a bit before mom hid them in the high grasses while she went out to find some more food. You could hardly see them, they were hidden so well.

We were so lucky to happen to be there at the right time and see these two adorable little ones.  I had never seen baby elk twins before!

Be very careful if you see a female elk and her babies. Stay far, far away. They will fight you to protect them and can be very dangerous!

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