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The Western Pine Elfin Butterfly Can Be Seen In RMNP In May And June


Phil saw this pretty butterfly on one of our recent hikes. It is called a Western Pine Elfin and is made up of various shades of brown, with fine white lines meandering across midwing.

It’s one of the first butterflies that we’ve seen so far this season…and it is only around for May and June. I thought it was worthy of a photograph!

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A Red Admiral Butterfly On Fern Lake Road In Rocky Mountain National Park!


I have loved photographing butterflies this past summer! I’ve seen so many that I’ve never seen before and gotten some interesting photographs.

I was hiking down the Fern Lake Road after a hike when I saw this Red Admiral Butterfly flitting around. I followed it until it landed on this aspen. Every time I got too close it would camouflage its wings so it was hard to get that “perfect” photo op! I thought this one was ok…you can see what kind of butterfly it is and some of its beautiful colors of black red and white. It is nestled right against the aspen where the elk have mangled it, so it may be a bit hard to see.

According to my butterfly book, the Red Admiral is brownish-black above, with semicircular reddish-orange bands. Its forewings are spotted white. It lives in meadows and woodland edges (which is where I saw it) and is usually around from May to August but sometimes stays a bit into the fall.

Pretty butterfly, don’t you think?

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Gorgeous Black And White Weidemeyer’s Admiral Butterfly At Lily Lake In RMNP


I was at Lily Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park the other day waiting for a beautiful Red Admiral butterfly to open its wings so I could get a good photograph of it. When, along flew this gorgeous black and white Weidemeyer’s Admiral butterfly and landed on the rock right next to it. How lucky is that?

This Weidemeyer’s Admiral butterfly was very accommodating with his wings open the entire time.

Gorgeous, isn’t it? Can you see the little red spots near the bottom edge?

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Beautiful Orange Fritillary Butterfly in Rocky Mountain National Park


The butterflies in Rocky Mountain National Park and Estes Park have been so pretty this summer.

This Fritillary butterfly is orange and about 2 and 1/8″ with short black lines and spots. It is feeding on a Western Wallflower.

Love the beady eyes, don’t you?

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Gorgeous Yellow And Black Western Tiger Swallowtail On Fern Lake Trail In RMNP


This Western Tiger Swallowtail was posing for us on the Fern Lake Trail in Rocky Mountain National Park.

It is one of the larger butterflies at 3 1/2″ and is yellow with black tiger stripes. I love the blue and orange spots near its tail.

Gorgeous, isn’t he?

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