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A Red Admiral Butterfly On Fern Lake Road In Rocky Mountain National Park!



I have loved photographing butterflies this past summer! I’ve seen so many that I’ve never seen before and gotten some interesting photographs.

I was hiking down the Fern Lake Road after a hike when I saw this Red Admiral Butterfly flitting around. I followed it until it landed on this aspen. Every time I got too close it would camouflage its wings so it was hard to get that “perfect” photo op! I thought this one was ok…you can see what kind of butterfly it is and some of its beautiful colors of black red and white. It is nestled right against the aspen where the elk have mangled it, so it may be a bit hard to see.

According to my butterfly book, the Red Admiral is brownish-black above, with semicircular reddish-orange bands. Its forewings are spotted white. It lives in meadows and woodland edges (which is where I saw it) and is usually around from May to August but sometimes stays a bit into the fall.

Pretty butterfly, don’t you think?

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Gorgeous Black And White Weidemeyer’s Admiral Butterfly At Lily Lake In RMNP



I was at Lily Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park the other day waiting for a beautiful Red Admiral butterfly to open its wings so I could get a good photograph of it. When, along flew this gorgeous black and white Weidemeyer’s Admiral butterfly and landed on the rock right next to it. How lucky is that?

This Weidemeyer’s Admiral butterfly was very accommodating with his wings open the entire time.

Gorgeous, isn’t it? Can you see the little red spots near the bottom edge?

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Beautiful Orange Fritillary Butterfly in Rocky Mountain National Park



The butterflies in Rocky Mountain National Park and Estes Park have been so pretty this summer.

This Fritillary butterfly is orange and about 2 and 1/8″ with short black lines and spots. It is feeding on a Western Wallflower.

Love the beady eyes, don’t you?

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Gorgeous Yellow And Black Western Tiger Swallowtail On Fern Lake Trail In RMNP



This Western Tiger Swallowtail was posing for us on the Fern Lake Trail in Rocky Mountain National Park.

It is one of the larger butterflies at 3 1/2″ and is yellow with black tiger stripes. I love the blue and orange spots near its tail.

Gorgeous, isn’t he?

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Pretty Orange, White and Black Painted Lady Butterfly In Estes Park And RMNP



I have seen so many Painted Lady butterflies in the past week in Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park! I didn’t know that they arrived back here so soon in May.

I took this photograph along Fall River Road. You can see its full colors in the first photograph. In the second one, it has camouflaged itself as i got closer.

Pretty, don’t you think? Have you seen a Painted Lady yet this season?


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Enjoy Estes Park Audio Podcast Network Has Been Launched For Estes Park And RMNP!



Enjoy Estes Park recently launched “The Estes Park & Rocky Mountain National Park Audio Podcast Network.”  The Audio Podcast Network currently has 45 Channels (growing each day) and 13,000+ listeners.  Over 400+ shows have been scheduled for production. You can listen to the Podcast Network with your computer, cell phone and tablet. There are many great Estes Park & RMNP experiences available that you don’t know about or will miss and the Podcast Network brings that information directly to you.  All podcasts and music are professionally produced in a recording studio.

Podcast Topics include (this is a small sampling):
• Rocky Mountain National Park: wildlife, fishing, hiking, wildflowers, butterflies, birds, photography, trails, camping, gear, driving tours & more.
• Estes Park Business Tours on-site: Retail, Dining, Health, Lodging & Service.
• Art Tours: Visual & Literary Arts interviews with art galleries, artists (painters, sculptors, potters, etc.), authors & more.
• Museum Tours: Art collections, exhibits & more.
• Rocky Mountain National Park: Outdoor Adventure & Adventure Guides.
• Podcast Cafe’ Music: Interviews and live performances with Estes Park musicians (Cowboy Brad, etc.).
• Estes Park History: Historical tours, talks from the past, interviews, on-site historical topics, etc.
• Business: How to get ahead in business. Business advice & help.
• Rocky Mountain National Park 100th Year: Interviews with people associated with RMNP regarding the celebration.
• Inspirational, Health & Wellness: Professionals talk about subjects that will help you enjoy life to its fullness.
• Beat On The Street: Live audio & video interviews.
• The Week Ahead: Every Friday, you can listen to “The Week Ahead” to learn about what is going on for the week ahead in Estes Park & RMNP.
• Share Podcasts: You can share all the podcasts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.
• And a whole lot more!

Sign Up for your free podcast membership as there are many additional podcast benefits available for you.  For a limited time, you will receive a Free Lifetime Membership to listen to all premium channels.

Please visit The Podcast Network at www.estesparkpodcast.com.

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Pretty Copper Butterfly On The Tundra In RMNP



We saw this Copper Butterfly flitting  from purple Aster to purple Aster while hiking up on the tundra last summer. It was so pretty.

Have you ever seen a Copper Butterfly? Pretty, don’t you think?

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Stunning Black And White Weidemeyer’s Admiral Butterfly At Bear Lake in RMNP!



I have seen this black and white butterfly in Rocky Mountain National Park several times this summer but could never get a good photograph. It kept flying away.

This particular day last week Phil and I were up at Bear Lake and it landed right on the rock we were walking by. Wow! What luck!

It is called a Weidemeyer’s Admiral and is just stunning! It is black and white on the outside, but when it folds its wings you can see some red underneath. In the top photograph you can even see its tongue curving around. It likes to feed on willows, aspens and cottonwoods.


Have you ever seen a Weidemeyer’s Admiral? Isn’t it just gorgeous?

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GUMPables Can Now Be Found At Colorado Homestead, One Of The Top Retail Shops In Estes Park, Colorado!




I am thrilled to announce that my GUMPables can now be purchased at Colorado Homestead in Estes Park. They are as excited as I am!

Come in and see Colorado Homestead’s new display rack in a prime location in their store and the many different GUMPables that they carry! Their GUMPables come as a pendant but you can also get a keyring or ornament hook if you like. Choose a wildflower, wildlife, landscape, birds or a butterfly. They are just fun! Give one as a present or keep it for yourself! Great gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, end- of-the-year teacher thank you presents or just as a remembrance of Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park. You can even have custom made GUMPcards and GUMPables made for your unique wedding favors.

GUMPables consist of a photo note card and your choice of a matching pendant necklace, keyring or ornament. They are all handmade by me in Estes Park.

Colorado Homestead is located at 165 East Elkhorn Ave in the heart of downtown Estes Park. Don’t miss out! GUMPables are fun! They are WEARable, FRAMEable, USEable, GIVEable, HANGable and very AFFORDable!



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Introducing GUMPables! My Photo Note Cards With Matching Pendants, Keyrings & Ornaments





We’ve been trying to figure out if there is anything else we can do with my nature photographs and my photo note cards. And then Phil had a brainstorm the other morning! Why not try some jewelry products…a pendant, a keyring and an ornament. We called them GUMPcards with a matching GUMPable attached inside the card.

Looking for that perfect present? Try one of my Photo Note Cards with a matching Pendant, Keyring or Ornament. They are called GUMPables because they are wearable, hangable, usable, frameable and giveable…not to mention affordable! My theme is that they are “More than just a card.”

You can check them out on my web site www.GUMPcards.com.

Let me know what you think! I think it’s going to be a lot of fun!

GUMPables consist of a 5×7 high quality handmade Photo Note Card and envelope with an attached handmade matching gift inside the note card (you can select 1 or 2 gifts). All GUMPables are a 1″x1″ silver square with a “Krystal Clear” cover over the photograph. Each gift is enclosed in a crystal clear bag and is mounted inside the Photo Note Card (displayed in the above image). GUMPables are:

FRAMEABLE: Each 5×7 note card can be set inside a 5×7 frame for a beautiful, framed photograph for a counter, desk or wall.
WEARABLE: The matching handmade Pendant is a beautiful present to be worn. It includes a 24″ link chain which can be shortened.
HANGABLE: The matching handmade Ornament is a beautiful ornament for the Christmas Holiday or just to be hung in a special place in a home or office. The swirled Ornament hanger is 2″ long.
USABLE: The matching handmade Keyring is a beautiful complement to the card to be used and seen every day.
GIVEABLE: The matched gift of the beautiful photograph with your choice of a Pendant, Ornament, Keyring or a combination of either 2 gifts is the perfect gift that shows that “The thought is always there.” Give that something special and different to someone.

1. Select the perfect GUMPable Photo Note Card.
2. Select the perfect matching gift (Pendant, Ornament, Keyring or a combination of 2 gifts).
3. Open the GUMPcard and write your special message.
4. Mail (hand stamped) or hand deliver your GUMPgift.
5. Your special somebody will know that this is “More than just a card.”

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