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Love Those Cedar Waxwings At Lake Estes!



I was just commenting to Phil last week that I hadn’t seen any Cedar Waxwings this year at Lake Estes. And then, there was one Cedar Waxwing flitting from tree to tree right in front of us.

Such a beautiful and colorful bird! Love the red on his wings and the yellow on the tip of his tail.

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Double-Crested Cormorant At Lake Estes



The Double-crested Cormorant reminds me so much of back east. As we kayaked along the shores, the Double-crested Cormorants were everywhere!

They were so much fun to see as they dove for food or lazed on the rocks with their wings spread to dry.

Have you ever seen a Double-crested Cormorant?

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Two Huge American White Pelicans At Lake Estes



I saw these two huge white American White Pelicans flying over Lake Estes on Friday. They landed right at the peninsula by the bridge.

What an enormous bird compared to the Geese that are standing next to them!

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There’s A Lot Of Coyotes By Lake Estes And The Golf Course This Winter!



I was so surprised to see this sign about the coyotes by Lake Estes and the golf course the other day. We frequently will see a coyote or two roaming in the area.

There must be quite a few coyotes hanging out there this winter to put that sign up!

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