The Fishing Has Begun On The Big Thompson River In Estes Park



The banks of the Big Thompson River by Lake Estes were pretty crowded with fishermen trying to get that elusive fish.

It was so nice to see with the river melted and the fishermen so excited about being out there! And…the views don’t get much better!

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The Views From The Handicapped Accessible Fishing Pier At Lake Estes Are Unbelievable!




The views of the Rocky Mountains don’t get much better than from the handicapped accessible fishing pier at Lake Estes. It is easily accessible with a parking lot a short distance away and a paved trail to the pier and also all around the lake. The views don’t get much better!

In the summer the pier is mobbed with people eager to catch that elusive fish. Have you ever been to Lake Estes in the summer and seen all of the fisher-people?


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There Are LOTS Of Big Cutthroat Trout At Lily Lake In RMNP



There is so much to do at Lily Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park this time of year. Each time we go there are so many new things to see wildflowers, birds, wildlife….and the list goes on.

This particular day I was looking down at the water and the lake was swarming with Cutthroat Trout. I wished I had my fishing pole…or a fishing pole. They were everywhere.

Fishing at Lily Lake is “catch and release” only so these guys grow pretty big. You will see people fishing from the shore and from their inflatable rafts. What a gorgeous place to go fishing.

In the first photograph, the fish are about 15″ long. The second photograph shows how many are in a 2-3 foot radius. It was just amazing!

Have you ever been fishing at Lily Lake or anywhere in Rocky Mountain National Park?



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The Fly-Fishermen Are Enjoying The Abundant Fish At Lake Estes



First of all, it is amazing that Lake Estes has not had any ice on it in weeks now. It has been so warm! It hit 76 degrees the other day and has consistently been in the 60s and 70s for quite a while.

Secondly, I have never seen so many fishermen down at the lake. Every time I go down there I can see fishermen everywhere.

A few days ago Phil and I were taking a little stroll, looking for some new birds. When we looked over at The Big Thompson River (before it empties into Lake Estes), we could see the fish literally jumping out of the water. I wished I had a fishing pole with me. Wow!

We passed a little boy out fishing with his Dad and they had caught quite a few fish. The little boy was grinning from ear to ear.

I took this photograph in my favorite “photo op” spot down by the bridge, looking back at the mountains. This particular fishermen was in the right place at the right time. When I walked back a little while later he was gone.

What a spectacular place to go fly-fishing!




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They Were Still Fly-Fishing By The Dam On Lake Estes In The Gorgeous Weather Last Week



It’s the first week of October and I still have not put on a winter jacket. I’ve put on my spring jacket only a couple of mornings when it’s been a little chilly and then I take it off by 10:00am. The weather has been just spectacular! The town has been crowded with Elk Fest people and RMNP autumn leaf peepers and this weekend is the Surprise Sidewalk Sale. It’s just nice to be outside.

I was walking around Lake Estes and there were so many people fly-fishing by the dam,. I just had to take a picture. It looked like summer!

The weather forecast looks to be warm for a while longer, so come on up and enjoy this gorgeous mountain town and national park!

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Can You See The Fishermen At The Alluvial Fan In Rocky Mountain National Park?



We were up at the Alluvial Fan off of Fall River Road in Rocky Mountain National Park taking a short hike to see if there were any more wildflowers. It’s always so pretty there and I love to see the people when they first see it. They love to read the story and see how the Alluvial Fan was formed. It’s really incredible!

As I was gazing at the water coming down the falls I saw these two fishermen. I had never seen anyone fishing there before. Can you see them? I wonder if they caught any fish?



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Lots Of Fly-Fishing At Sprague Lake In Rocky Mountain National Park!



We met a delightful couple yesterday  from Tennessee whose passion is fly-fishing. They told us that the rivers around here were raging and it was hard to fly-fish in waters that turbulent. They were looking for a more quiet area. We suggested the Big Thompson River below the dam at lake Estes…that was not running quite as fast.

Phil and I ended up going up to Sprague Lake for a short hike around the lake. I was dying to see a moose…and it was  a beautiful day!

We were amazed at the number of people who were fly-fishing in the lake. We could also see a few fly-fishing classes being held there, as well as many families with children. They must be there because the rivers are running so fast and Sprague Lake is the perfect place to go fly-fishing. The waters are shallow and calm and the views are gorgeous. It doesn’t get much better! I always love to see the children out fishing.

It was a very pretty walk, as always…but no moose! Maybe next time!



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Put Your “Used Fishing Line” In The Appropriate Containers At Lake Estes And Other Lakes


It breaks my heart when I see a bird tangled up in “used” fishing line, unable to get free. Sometimes they can get free and sometimes they are just too scared. We saw a Great Blue Heron with some used fishing line tangled around his beak back east on Cape Cod. He was unable to eat and too scared to let anyone help him. He could still fly, but his chances of survival were pretty slim.

So when I saw the “Used Fishing Line” containers at Lake Estes I thought they were a great idea. When fishermen finish with their line or it breaks, they can put it in these containers and not just throw it on the ground or in the water. This way the birds won’t get all tangled up.

With the lake thawed and the warmer weather here, I thought it be a good idea to show you what one of these containers looks like just in case you go fishing there or anywhere else. This one is between two trash cans so it is very easy to see. So, look for the “Used Fishing Line” containers and save some birds!

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Cutthroat Trout At Sprague Lake In RMNP Were Huge!



The weather this fall has been just glorious…sunny and warm! It makes you want to stay outside all day long!

Phil and I took a walk around Sprague Lake last week and were looking  in the water and saw these fish that were easily 24+”  long! They were huge and there were a lot of them. I looked in the book and think they are the Cutthroat Trout.

We’ve been up there hundreds of times and  have never seen fish this big. We always wondered what the fly-fisherman were trying to catch. Well, now we know. These guys were huge and everywhere!

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Greenback Cutthroat Trout At Sprague Lake In Rocky Mountain National Park



Each year at about this time we see these Greenback Cutthroat Trout at Sprague Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park! We never see them in the lake itself but on the little stream that flows into the lake. There were quite a lot of them there yesterday.  They are very colorful with bright red on their fins. I think I got a pretty good picture of them in the little stream.

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