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Lumpy Ridge And The Clouds From Lake Estes Were Spectacular After The Snow!


The sky and clouds were spectacular from Lake Estes after the snow the other day. I think the photographs and colors are magnificent. Look at those clouds still over the mountains!

What do you think?

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New Ski Tracks Near Hidden Valley In Rocky Mountain Natinal Park


We were driving up Trail Ridge Road to Hidden Valley to see what the conditions were like when I saw these fresh ski tracks coming down one of the slopes. Someone looked like they were having fun skiing through all of the trees. I wonder where they started their run…

We have our skis ready and waiting until the arctic blast goes away so we can try our hand at skiing at Hidden Valley. Or maybe we’ll just go snowshoeing…that’s just as much fun!

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Sprague Lake In RMNP Is Just Beautiful This Time Of Year!



Sprague Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park is beautiful any time of the year. This particular day the sun was shining and the mountains were spectacular! Phil and I took a walk around the lake. It looked like it had just snowed a couple of inches the night before and it was really pretty.

When we got to the farthest part of the trail we could see where the cross-country skiers had turned around too. They had skied right across the lake. It must be frozen pretty good. I thought the picture with the ski tracks and the mountains as the backdrop was so pretty.

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The New Snows Brought The Big Horn Sheep Down To Our Yard In Estes Park


We haven’t had much snow so far this winter, so it was a treat to see about 6-8 inches fall throughout the day and night. It looks so pretty and the day was bright and glorious!

A herd of about 12 Big Horn Sheep came down from the mountains and devoured everything in sight in our yard. There were rams and females and a few little babies. They were so cute!

I went downstairs with my camera to see if I could get a good photograph and this ram stopped and posed for me outside the bedroom window.  He was just beautiful!

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Spectacular Winter Sunrise Here In Estes Park and RMNP


It’s amazing to me that some people never see the sunrise in the morning. I have always been a morning person and if I sleep until 5:00 am, that’s late for me!

This particular morning I could see the clouds starting to form and it looked to be a beautiful sunrise. I stood out on the deck and clicked away! The clouds change so fast and so drastically that I only had about 3-4 minutes to capture the moment. I love early in the morning  and seeing the beauty of  a cold winter mountain sunrise.

Wishing you all a beautiful and Happy New Year!

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