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There Are A Lot of Perfect Photo Ops In Rocky Mountain National Park!


Phil and I were out hiking on one of our favorite trails the other day and were astounded at how many gorgeous wildflowers there were already blooming. The rain and snow in April and May must have watered them pretty well. They were just spectacular!

I remember this same photo-op spot last fall when the mountains had just gotten snow and the grasses were all a golden color. We thought it was so pretty then.

But these fields and fields of wildflowers (Yellow Banner, Larkspur and more) just took our breath away. I bet I spent more time on the ground taking pictures than hiking! Ha!

I thought it would be fun to take the same picture of Phil but with “summer” in the background instead of fall. You can see the Mummy Range  is still pretty covered with snow. No matter where you go in Rocky Mountain National Park it sure is beautiful!


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Ring-Necked Ducks At Lily Lake In RMNP


We took a walk around Lily Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park to see the wildflowers a few days ago and we were surprised at how few buds were on the trees and bushes. It was still a lot colder there than Estes Park. There was even some snow on the sides of the trail around the lake. It’s been pretty warm the past few days, so maybe the buds have started to come out.

We did see some very pretty ducks called Ring-necked ducks swimming in the lake. We had seen them there last year too. They are very distinct in that they have a white ring around the tip of their bill. They are also diving ducks…one minute they’re swimming around and the next they are under water.

I always thought these were very pretty and interesting ducks.

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Beautiful Bouquet Of Pasqueflowers At Lily Lake In RMNP


Usually the Pasqueflowers are long gone by now. But with the cooler temperatures in the past month, they seem to have been blooming for a long time.

In one of our recent walks around Lily Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park, I saw this beautiful “bouquet” of  lavender Pasqueflowers. I thought it was so pretty…it looks just like a bouquet of flowers  growing in the ground.  Pretty, isn’t it?


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Kayakers Loving The Rapids On The Big Thompson River In Downtown Estes Park


We went into town last night to see the high waters on the Big Thompson River along the Riverwalk. There were 2 kayakers who were enjoying the high rapids immensely behind the Casa Grande Restaurant. We stayed for about an hour and watched them playing in the hole, doing all of their moves. They were really quite good.

We got to talk to them as they took little breaks to warm up from the very cold temperatures of the river. One was from Wyoming and the other was from Tennessee. They were practicing for the kayaking tournament in Lyons this coming weekend. They were thrilled chance to play in the high waters and  rapids of the Big Thompson River in Estes Park!

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