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Spectacular Winter Sunrise Here In Estes Park and RMNP


It’s amazing to me that some people never see the sunrise in the morning. I have always been a morning person and if I sleep until 5:00 am, that’s late for me!

This particular morning I could see the clouds starting to form and it looked to be a beautiful sunrise. I stood out on the deck and clicked away! The clouds change so fast and so drastically that I only had about 3-4 minutes to capture the moment. I love early in the morning  and seeing the beauty of  a cold winter mountain sunrise.

Wishing you all a beautiful and Happy New Year!

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This Was One Of The Most Beautiful Sunrises In Estes Park That I’ve Ever Seen!



I could tell looking out the window that this might be a pretty sunrise. There were some clouds in the sky and it looked just right. I got my camera and started clicking away. This first photograph was taken when you could just see a bit of the sun starting to rise.

Within 10 minutes it looked like the sky was on fire! It was just gorgeous!!

I thought this would be a great photograph for my Blog on Christmas morning.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all! And may you enjoy all of the beauty in life!


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Mornings In Estes Park And The Mountains Are Just Beautiful!


I love to get up in the morning and look outside the windows. I never know what I will find….whether it be some sort of wildlife or just a magnificent sunrise.

This particular morning the sun was rising on the other side of the house but I loved this picture of the hillside with the rain clouds still in the sky from the night before. You can see the sun starting to creep up into the shadows. (To give you a little perspective, that rock in the foreground is about 15-20 feet high.)

Pretty, isn’t it?

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