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Happy Halloween To Everyone In Estes Park And Everywhere!



We have had so much fun with our “Scarecrows in Estes Park” this past October. So many businesses have told us about all of the people who stop to take a picture or just to look at the different scarecrows around town. And each scarecrow is so different and so unique. It’s been great to see how many of the scarecrows reflect the “personality” of the business! I just love them!

So I thought I’d put one last scarecrow up for Halloween to wish everyone a very Happy Halloween!

Halloween is very special here in Estes Park. About 4:00pm Elkhorn Avenue is closed down downtown and the businesses close up to give out candy treats. There is dancing and little shows going on along the street too.

If you’ve never been to Halloween in Estes Park, come on up! It’s as much fun for the adults as it is for the kids! (And don’t forget to stop at Laura’s Fudge for a free candy apple…they are the best!)

In honor of Halloween I thought I’d post one of my favorite scarecrows from the Estes Park Mountain Shop! Perfect, isn’t he?

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The Golden Leaf Gallery In Estes Park Hand-Painted A Group of Four Nesting Dolls As Their October Scarecrow Photo Op



The Golden Leaf Gallery on East Elkhorn Avenue in Estes Park really went over the top when they cut out and hand-painted a group of four Nesting Dolls for their October Scarecrow Photo Op. They are just beautiful!

When I stopped in the other day to tell the owner that they were just exquisite, Craig said that many people and families were stopping by and enjoying the photo op. The stand-up dolls are a work of art. Wow! What an incredible photo op…for one or two people…or a whole family! They even have the little piece of black fabric in the back so the light won’t shine in.

If you’re looking for a unique Christmas present, they have many different kinds of nesting dolls to choose from!



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McDonald’s Restaurant Of Estes Park Employs Students From Many Different International Countries



It was always a treat this past summer when we walked into McDonald’s in Estes Park. We never knew who was going to take our order. There were students from many different ethnic backgrounds working there.

I remember one time when I paid for my order, one of the new students had to ask one of the managers about our American money , what each coin was called and how much it was worth. It was amazing to think that they all speak English and know our English slang words and also learned our monetary system pretty quickly. How many of us could say that about their countries?

I asked the manager, Michelle where they were all from. She said they traveled here from Taiwan, China, Kazikstan, Romania, Czech Republic, Nigeria, Ghana, Columbia and Mexico. They all have different vacations so they were able to hire some from June through September and others from July through October, depending on their schedules. They got a new crew in just the other day.

There was one boy from Nigeria called Chudi who was the nicest person, always had a big smile on his face and was always so polite.

I took this photograph of one of the girls who I talked to quite frequently. She said when they come here to work, they can pick an English name. She picked Sarah. She is from Hebei Province in northern China and her real name is DuYufei. This was her last day so I asked her if I could take her picture. She was delighted. I will email this Blog to her so she can share it with her friends and family.

What a wonderful experience for these students! And what a wonderful experience for all of us who get to meet and interact these exceptional students!

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Gotta Just Love All These Scarecrows In Estes Park This October!!



Here’s two more scarecrows! The first one was done by Lynda at The Cultural Arts Center. It is just exquisite! What an artist! She always said that her most favorite holiday is Halloween!

You can find the second scarecrow in Colorado Homestead on East Elkhorn Avenue. It depicts the western style of their store and I think it is just adorable! It is amazing how many businesses made their scarecrows to the likeness of their business….so creative!

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These Scarecrows In Estes Park Are Truly Unique And Very Creative!



When the wind blows in Estes Park, you know it! This first scarecrow is just perfect! We were driving down Route 34 and happened to see this Scarecrow outside of the Comfort Inn hanging on for dear life! The sign below says it perfectly., “Bloody Wind!” Ha! So cute! And so perfect for the weather up here!

The second scarecrow is from Snowy Peaks Winery on Moraine Avenue. She made the entire Scarecrow from wine works. How clever…and with the red wine dripped all over her shirt. I just love it!

Each day more scarecrows seem to appear around town. It’s so much fun to walk down the street and see so many awesome scarecrows!

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The Scarecrows In Estes Park Are Just Amazing and So Creative!



There are lots of Scarecrows in Estes Park and more are being put up each day! Phil and I spent the weekend walking the streets and driving around to the different lodges, retail stores and restaurants looking for those unique scarecrows. Many of them were just amazing and so creative!

These two are a couple of the first ones that we saw. How creative! The Scarecrow Bride & Groom are outside in the front of The Stanley Hotel. They look like they are getting married with the gorgeous mountains in the background. There were quite a lot of people taking photographs of this interesting pair and enjoying the merriment. The Stanley Hotel has really gotten into “Scarecrows in Estes Park.” They have many fun scarecrows around the hotel and activities for the kids on the weekends. Maybe because of all of the history of their haunted hotel and the filming of “The Shining.” It’s so much fun this time of year!

The bottom Scarecrow is outside of Mocha Angelo’s in downtown Estes Park. He sits on a bench, drinking his Mocha Angelo’s coffee, watching everyone walk by. Someone said that if they had a quarter for every photograph that’s been taking there since Saturday that they’d be pretty rich. These two seemed to be enjoying the festive atmosphere in town and posed for this picture. Cute, eh?

If you’re in town during the month of October, treat yourself to some fun and a lot of laughs and go see some of the “Scarecrows in Estes Park.”


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The Scarecrows Are Here In Estes Park For The Month Of October!



The “Scarecrows in Estes Park” Festival starts today here in Estes Park for the entire month of October! What a fun month this is going to be in Estes Park.

I went around yesterday and took some photographs of some of the scarecrows that were already on display. They are just awesome! It is so much fun to see people and businesses so excited. Many of the scarecrows are themed and it’s great to see what the different businesses created!

Here are a couple of scarecrows that were already out and ready for an audience. The Scarecrows in the Pumpkin Patch can be seen between Life’s Bear Necessities and Images of Rocky Mountain National Park across from Bond Park. There is also a photo op here with a BEARcrow…or the kids can just sit on the ledge in front of the scarecrows for a cute picture.

The second one is the Harley Scarecrow. You can view this scarecrow outside of The Inn at Fall River on Fall River Road which is a little bit past Nicky’s Restaurant. It is really cool…

I can’t wait to go out today and see many, many more unique scarecrows in town. You just might see a few more this month on my Blog! What fun!



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Scarecrows In Estes Park Is Coming In October!



Get ready for “Scarecrows in Estes Park” this October! Look for the “SCARECROW IN HERE” posters on the local businesses in town. There are over 150+ businesses, restaurants, lodges and groups who are joining in the fun and are eager to make that special, unique scarecrow and put it on display in their business every day from October 1st to October 31st.

55+ local businesses are also hosting different, fun Halloween activities on the Saturdays and Sundays in October. These include face painting, coloring contests, guessing games, bean bag toss, educational talks and DVDs, story time, decorate your own Halloween cookie, decorate your own mini-pizza, free pool, make your own card, free snacks and popcorn, crafts, music, prizes and more. Many businesses are also offering a special Halloween Photo Op for the children. Look for posters that say “SCARECROW & ACTIVITY IN HERE.”

If you see a “Scarecrows in Estes Park” poster, scan the QR code with your Smart Phone to see the schedule of activities for the day.

For more information and to see who is participating and what the activities are, visit www.enjoyestespark.com.

Have some fun this coming October! Come on down and see all of the unique Scarecrows in Estes Park! Tell your friends and family that Estes Park will be very exciting this October!

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