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The Notchtop Cafe In Estes Park Was Rocking Last Night With The Cedar Avenue Blues Band!



The Cedar Avenue Blues Band from Denver had the whole place rocking at the Notchtop Cafe in Estes Park last night. Wow! What a fun night!

Their female vocalist was amazing, belting out those blues songs. The audience was really into it…stomping their feet, singing, dancing and enjoying the night! Another great night at The Notchtop Cafe with their Blues in the Rockies venue.

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The Notchtop Cafe In Estes Park Was Hoppin Last Night With Live Blues In The Rockies!!



It was standing room only again last night at the Notchtop Cafe here in Estes Park. Bad Brad and the Fat Cats put on quite a show while the audience was right there with them. It was foot-stomping fun while listening to some awesome “Blues in the Rockies” music!

The Notchtop’s next show is in 2 weeks on March 31st where they will feature Eric Boa and the Constrictors. He is the host of Oskar Blues Monday night blues jam in Longmont.

If you haven’t made it to the Notchtop’s Blues in the Rockies yet, mark your calendar for the next show on March 31st. You will not be disappointed!

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Celebrate Blues In The Rockies With Bad Brad And The Fat Cats At The Notchtop Cafe Tomorrow Night!



Get ready for some blues and fun at the Notchtop Cafe tomorrow night! Local band from Greeley, Bad Brad and the Fat Cats will be playing on the Notchtop’s second “Blues in the Rockies” night here in Estes Park.

Bad Brad & The Fat Cats are a group of young, driven musicians that play the Blues straight from their soul! With the tight rhythm section consisting of Daryl Cozzi holding it down on the drums, and Kevin Miles thumpin’ on the bass, combined with the intense guitar playing and powerful voice of “Bad Brad” Stivers, you will not believe what you are hearing! Hitting the Colorado Blues scene in 2010, “Bad Brad” assembled a top notch band and they have amazed every audience since! The Fat Cats are a force to be reckoned with and will thrill any crowd with Chicago style Funk and Blues mixed with lowdown, Delta style blues. This group has a raw passion for the Blues that is easily recognized by any group of listeners.

You’d better get there early as last time there was standing room only! And by word of mouth, this one should be a foot-stomping, blues boogieing night!

Owners Ronn and Michelle have cooked up a special Blues Menu especially for the Blues Nights, so come enjoy the music and try some of their delicious Blues Specials.

See you there!

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The Blues All Stars Photograph Enhanced And Awesome Here In Estes Park!



Phil was playing around on his iPhone with his pictures and decided to try to enhance one of the photographs of the Blues All Stars at their performance Saturday night at the Notchtop Cafe here in Estes Park.. This is the result….really cool, huh?

I just had to post it!

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The Blues All Stars Band Was Awesome Last Night At The Notchtop Cafe In Estes Park!



There was standing room only at the first “Blues in the Rockies” kick-off by the Blues All Stars at the Notchtop Cafe here in Estes Park last night!

The Blues All Stars were totally awesome as they cranked out blues tune after blues tune. They are a band from Denver who seemed to be having as much fun as the audience. And did they put on a show! Wow!

The next “Blues in the Rockies” performance at the Notchtop Cafe will be on Saturday, March 17th  featuring “Bad Brad and the Fat Cats” from Greeley, Colorado.

Don’t forget to come early to get a seat and eat before the show or enjoy the delicious food during the show. Owners, Ronn and Michelle, have their own “Blues in the Rockies” menu made especially for these shows. See you there!




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The Perfect Picnic At McDonald’s In Estes Park!



I was down in Boulder this week meeting an old teacher friend of mine from Connecticut for lunch. Phil decided to go and have his usual “side salad” for lunch at McDonald’s in Estes Park.

He was sitting there when a group of ten people walked in. They had just driven two hours and were hoping to have a picnic in Estes Park. Unfortunately it was one of our very windy days here in Estes, with gusts up in the 50-60 mph range.

So they did the next best thing. They asked the manager of McDonald’s if they could bring their picnic lunch into McDonald’s and the manager said, “Of course!” They proceeded to bring in their entire picnic of chips and dips, fruit and dips, cheese and crackers, sandwiches, fruit, desserts, etc. It  looked like a feast.

Phil was watching all of this and starting talking to them. They were from Castle Rock and California and were just up in Estes Park for the day. They invited him for lunch or just dessert. They were having a grand old time.

How nice it was of McDonald’s to put the visitor’s experiences above the mighty dollar and to give up their large table at lunchtime to a party who had brought their own food. Clearly it was a win-win situation as these people couldn”t have been more excited and truly thankful.

Phil took a few photographs with his phone…it look pretty delectable, don’t you think?

And kudos to McDonald’s in Estes Park for making these visitors feel so special!




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DeLeo’s Deli Here in Estes Park Is Closing Its Doors Today…We Will Miss You, Tom!



I will surely miss my good friend, Tom DeLeo, who is closing the doors to his restaurant, DeLeo’s Deli, here in Estes Park today.

I met Tom a few years ago when we first moved out here to Estes Park. He became a fast friend. I loved it when he introduced me to people as, “This is Phil’s wife, but she’s my girlfriend!” He is such a character who always keeps you smiling and laughing. Although he has great food at his deli, many people came in just to see him and experience some of his wit!

Maybe it’s because we both moved here from the east coast that we had something in common. I’m not sure. I just know that I will miss him terribly. His deli was one of my daily stops when I walked home from town. I always stopped in for one of Tom’s hugs and a cup of water, of course.

Tom was diagnosed with MS many years ago but it didn’t decide to start running its course until a couple of years ago. This past summer was a super summer for Tom and his deli, but one that took a toll on him. He needs a little time off and a lot of rest.

He is moving back east to Cape Cod where he can be with family and friends. We will miss him terribly! We wish you the very best, Tom, and know that there is a hug always waiting for you!

(He looks just like his decal on the window, huh??? Ha!)

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