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Enjoy Estes Park Audio Podcast Network Has Been Launched For Estes Park And RMNP!



Enjoy Estes Park recently launched “The Estes Park & Rocky Mountain National Park Audio Podcast Network.”  The Audio Podcast Network currently has 45 Channels (growing each day) and 13,000+ listeners.  Over 400+ shows have been scheduled for production. You can listen to the Podcast Network with your computer, cell phone and tablet. There are many great Estes Park & RMNP experiences available that you don’t know about or will miss and the Podcast Network brings that information directly to you.  All podcasts and music are professionally produced in a recording studio.

Podcast Topics include (this is a small sampling):
• Rocky Mountain National Park: wildlife, fishing, hiking, wildflowers, butterflies, birds, photography, trails, camping, gear, driving tours & more.
• Estes Park Business Tours on-site: Retail, Dining, Health, Lodging & Service.
• Art Tours: Visual & Literary Arts interviews with art galleries, artists (painters, sculptors, potters, etc.), authors & more.
• Museum Tours: Art collections, exhibits & more.
• Rocky Mountain National Park: Outdoor Adventure & Adventure Guides.
• Podcast Cafe’ Music: Interviews and live performances with Estes Park musicians (Cowboy Brad, etc.).
• Estes Park History: Historical tours, talks from the past, interviews, on-site historical topics, etc.
• Business: How to get ahead in business. Business advice & help.
• Rocky Mountain National Park 100th Year: Interviews with people associated with RMNP regarding the celebration.
• Inspirational, Health & Wellness: Professionals talk about subjects that will help you enjoy life to its fullness.
• Beat On The Street: Live audio & video interviews.
• The Week Ahead: Every Friday, you can listen to “The Week Ahead” to learn about what is going on for the week ahead in Estes Park & RMNP.
• Share Podcasts: You can share all the podcasts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.
• And a whole lot more!

Sign Up for your free podcast membership as there are many additional podcast benefits available for you.  For a limited time, you will receive a Free Lifetime Membership to listen to all premium channels.

Please visit The Podcast Network at www.estesparkpodcast.com.

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Sharp Shinned Hawk Up Close Hunting For A Song Bird In The Bushes At Endovalley In Rocky Mountain National Park.



While walking down the road at Endovalley In Rocky Mountain National Park, I saw from the corner of my eye a bird flying into the bushes. I waited to see what would happen next and the bird kept diving into the bush about 30 feet away from me. It was a larger bird than normal and then I saw the bird emerge from the bush shown in the photograph above.  It was an exciting moment as I realized that I was very near a Sharp Shinned Hawk.  In fact, this was the closest I had every been to a Sharp Shinned Hawk.

Then I realized, the hawk was hunting for a song bird in the bushes. The hawk waited patiently and quietly so the song bird would feel safe for that moment.  I waited patiently, too.  After a minute or so, the song bird made a flight dash and the hawk was off chasing the bird at a very fast speed.  I did not see the outcome of this encounter, but all wildlife have to eat and that is the law of nature.  Has anyone ever been this close to a hawk in the outdoors with a story to tell about a hawk?


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The Notchtop Cafe In Estes Park Was Rocking Last Night With The Cedar Avenue Blues Band!



The Cedar Avenue Blues Band from Denver had the whole place rocking at the Notchtop Cafe in Estes Park last night. Wow! What a fun night!

Their female vocalist was amazing, belting out those blues songs. The audience was really into it…stomping their feet, singing, dancing and enjoying the night! Another great night at The Notchtop Cafe with their Blues in the Rockies venue.

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Phil Got A New Taylor Guitar To Play The Blues Here In Estes Park!



One thing that Phil and I have in common is our love of music. He used to play in a rock ‘n roll band back in the 60s and 70s and 80s. Put that music on and we love to dance!

When we moved out to Estes Park he brought 3 of his guitars which he played occasionally. But you’d have to plug them in and get the amp out…it wasn’t what he wanted to do anymore.

So he started looking around for a new guitar. The month of January was fun in that we made many trips to Loveland and Fort Collins looking for that perfect guitar. Phil had decided that he wanted to learn how to play the blues. He is a big fan of Robert Johnson, John Lee Hooker, BB King, Blind Lemon Jefferson and Mississippi John Hurt.

We ended up at Spotlight Music in Fort Collins where Phil played his first Taylor guitar. It was love at first sight. The problem was…there were two of them that he really liked. So he bit the bullet and got them both.

He had a question on one of them and so we drove back to Fort Collins to ask the owner, Rob. As he was checking out the guitar he saw a flaw on the neck. He had to send it back to the factory in California. Oh no!

We waited patiently for a couple of weeks for the new guitar to come in. And boy, it was worth the wait. When Rob took it out of the box, it was gorgeous!! Look at the back of this guitar. Amazing, isn’t it??

It’s been fun listening to Phil learn the blues from his teacher online. With practice, he’s getting quite good!


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The Notchtop Cafe In Estes Park Was Hoppin Last Night With Live Blues In The Rockies!!



It was standing room only again last night at the Notchtop Cafe here in Estes Park. Bad Brad and the Fat Cats put on quite a show while the audience was right there with them. It was foot-stomping fun while listening to some awesome “Blues in the Rockies” music!

The Notchtop’s next show is in 2 weeks on March 31st where they will feature Eric Boa and the Constrictors. He is the host of Oskar Blues Monday night blues jam in Longmont.

If you haven’t made it to the Notchtop’s Blues in the Rockies yet, mark your calendar for the next show on March 31st. You will not be disappointed!

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Celebrate Blues In The Rockies With Bad Brad And The Fat Cats At The Notchtop Cafe Tomorrow Night!



Get ready for some blues and fun at the Notchtop Cafe tomorrow night! Local band from Greeley, Bad Brad and the Fat Cats will be playing on the Notchtop’s second “Blues in the Rockies” night here in Estes Park.

Bad Brad & The Fat Cats are a group of young, driven musicians that play the Blues straight from their soul! With the tight rhythm section consisting of Daryl Cozzi holding it down on the drums, and Kevin Miles thumpin’ on the bass, combined with the intense guitar playing and powerful voice of “Bad Brad” Stivers, you will not believe what you are hearing! Hitting the Colorado Blues scene in 2010, “Bad Brad” assembled a top notch band and they have amazed every audience since! The Fat Cats are a force to be reckoned with and will thrill any crowd with Chicago style Funk and Blues mixed with lowdown, Delta style blues. This group has a raw passion for the Blues that is easily recognized by any group of listeners.

You’d better get there early as last time there was standing room only! And by word of mouth, this one should be a foot-stomping, blues boogieing night!

Owners Ronn and Michelle have cooked up a special Blues Menu especially for the Blues Nights, so come enjoy the music and try some of their delicious Blues Specials.

See you there!

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The Blues All Stars Photograph Enhanced And Awesome Here In Estes Park!



Phil was playing around on his iPhone with his pictures and decided to try to enhance one of the photographs of the Blues All Stars at their performance Saturday night at the Notchtop Cafe here in Estes Park.. This is the result….really cool, huh?

I just had to post it!

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The Blues All Stars Band Was Awesome Last Night At The Notchtop Cafe In Estes Park!



There was standing room only at the first “Blues in the Rockies” kick-off by the Blues All Stars at the Notchtop Cafe here in Estes Park last night!

The Blues All Stars were totally awesome as they cranked out blues tune after blues tune. They are a band from Denver who seemed to be having as much fun as the audience. And did they put on a show! Wow!

The next “Blues in the Rockies” performance at the Notchtop Cafe will be on Saturday, March 17th  featuring “Bad Brad and the Fat Cats” from Greeley, Colorado.

Don’t forget to come early to get a seat and eat before the show or enjoy the delicious food during the show. Owners, Ronn and Michelle, have their own “Blues in the Rockies” menu made especially for these shows. See you there!




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