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A New Christmas Advent Calendar For My Two Little Granddaughters…And Another One On The Way!



When my kids were little I made them an Advent Calendar to start the holiday season. It was so much fun to make. Each ornament was special to them. My daughter loved kitties so I made a cat for her and my son loved Scooby Doo so of course, we had to have Scooby Doo on the tree too. It was great and the kids loved it! They’d run downstairs in anticipation each morning to put a new ornament on the Advent Calendar. My daughter was the oldest so she put the first ornament on Dec. 1st and then all of the odd numbers and my son had all of the even numbers. It was fun filling each little pocket with the ornaments that I knew they would want to put on the tree.

My daughter started having her own family a few years ago and kept looking for an Advent Calendar but just couldn’t find one that she liked. For a present for the girls this year, I decided to surprise them with an Advent Calendar complete with the things they love…a butterfly, a crown, ballet slippers, a dog, a book, flower, Santa, a snowman, a soccer ball, etc. It is so cute and was so much fun to make. It took me most of the summer!

When I started making it my daughter had just gotten pregnant so I added a train, a block and a few more less “feminine” ornaments. Well, she’s due in January with another little girl so it’s “Three girls for us!  Mom.” The girls who are 3 3/4 years  and 21 months just love it! They wake up each morning and run downstairs to put a new ornament on their own Advent Calendar. “Grammie, I put the ballet slippers on today!” What fun and such a treasure they can keep forever and remember the excitement when they were so young!

Wishing  a Happy Holiday to you all!

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Happy Holidays To You From Estes Park And RMNP!



I  love to get up before the sun and watch the sunrise over the mountains. It is especially pretty this time of the year with our Christmas tree in the window.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas! May the holiday bring you much peace, love, good health and a little time outside in nature.

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Downtown Estes Park Is Gorgeous With All The Beautiful Lights



This time of the year is so pretty in downtown Estes Park. The trees along the streets are all lit up with little Christmas lights.

So pretty! Have you ever been to Estes Park during the holiday season?

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Bull Elk vs Christmas Tree?



This huge Bull Elk was checking out the delicious looking tree with the Christmas lights that my neighbor had just put up outside his home.

Should I or shouldn’t I? That was the question!

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Wishing You All A Very Merry Christmas From Sunrise To Sunset Here In Estes Park And RMNP!



Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!

This sunrise was the first sunrise after the flood last September. It was so spectacular!

I wanted to post it on a special day and wish you all a very Happy Holiday from sunrise to sunset!

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Happy Holidays To All Of The Businesses In Estes Park!



I  made pendants for many of the businesses in Estes Park of their  logos this past summer. So I thought it would be fun to make them into ornaments and make a “Christmas Tree” in honor of the businesses in Estes Park.

I thought it came out pretty cute. It’s fun to have a “themed” Christmas tree, don’t you think?

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The Holiday Lights And Decorations Are Up In Estes Park!



I love this time of year when everything is decorated for the holidays! Estes Park does an incredible job with their decorations and lights.

If you drive downtown after dusk you can see thousands and thousands of twinkling white lights in every tree in town. It is spectacular! I love to drive through town at this time of year.

And along with the beautiful lights come the old-fashioned Christmas cut-outs that you can see in Bond Park that were hand-painted by Buel Porter. They are very old but a part of the Estes Park tradition! Here is a picture of “Christmas in Bugville!”


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The Golden Leaf Gallery In Estes Park Hand-Painted A Group of Four Nesting Dolls As Their October Scarecrow Photo Op



The Golden Leaf Gallery on East Elkhorn Avenue in Estes Park really went over the top when they cut out and hand-painted a group of four Nesting Dolls for their October Scarecrow Photo Op. They are just beautiful!

When I stopped in the other day to tell the owner that they were just exquisite, Craig said that many people and families were stopping by and enjoying the photo op. The stand-up dolls are a work of art. Wow! What an incredible photo op…for one or two people…or a whole family! They even have the little piece of black fabric in the back so the light won’t shine in.

If you’re looking for a unique Christmas present, they have many different kinds of nesting dolls to choose from!



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