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Comical Photograph Of The Wild Turkeys Along Bear Lake Road In RMNP

Taking a ride up Bear Lake Road to check out the “snow conditions,” we passed a flock of Wild Turkeys sauntering along the side of the road. This first one looked so regal.

We stopped to take a few pictures as they were pretty high in elevation. It was a cold morning and you could see your breath outside. As I was clicking away, this last turkey puffed out and I thought he looked hysterical! He must have been pretty cold, huh?

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Rare Bird Seen By The Estes Park Birding Club At Lake Estes!


Phil and I were out birding yesterday and couldn’t identify this particular bird. We bumped in to Gary who knows his birds very well. We all went down to the mud flats but could not find the bird that we had seen before. As we were looking out into the flats, we saw 2 other birds with very long bills digging among the rocks and mud. Gary called his fellow-birders, Scott and Susan and told them to come by. We all got our our books and tried to identify these birds. All agreed that one was a Short-billed Dowitcher which has only been seen at Lake Estes one time before and the other was the Long-billed Dowitcher. What a find! As we were leaving, Scott called out, “Don’t forget to put that on your “life list” of birds!

It was a great day for birding! Some of the birds that we saw were the Sora, Green-tailed Towhee, American pipit, Sandpipers, Kildeer, Great Blue Heron, 2 Juvenile Bald Eagles, Goldfinch, Audubon Warbler, Yellow-Rumped Warbler, Western and Mountain Bluebirds and more. It was fun to see several birds that we had never seen before!

Lake Estes is a great place to go birding in the spring here in Estes Park. Many migrating birds stop at Lake Estes as they migrate north. If you catch it right, you can see some very rare birds!

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The Hummingbirds Are Back For The Summer In Estes Park!


We had our first hummingbird at our feeder about a week ago. It  meant that spring was really here. The days were getting longer and the weather was turning milder. When I looked out of the window on Wednesday morning I could see the hummingbirds flying around our feeder trying to find a place to land with all of the snow that had fallen during the night. They finally figured out that the back two spots were under the overhang and had no snow on them. That’s where they could feed. I kept waiting  for a good photograph but they were so fast they kept flying away before I could focus. I managed to get this one before he took off! He looked pretty content.

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Fish Creek Trail Is A Great Walk In Estes Park, CO To See Birds And Wildlife


Many time when it gets windy by Lake Estes, Phil and I will take a walk along Fish Creek Trail. It’s such a pretty trail, winding along s little stream on one side and the golf course on the other. Whenever we go there we see a great assortment of birds and wildlife.

The other day was a bit windy so we decided to try Fish Creek Trail. What a treat! In about 3/4  hour we saw 3 Kingfishers squabbling in the sky, many Ravens flying about, 2 Goldfinches flitting from tree to tree, Nuthatches playing on the trunks of the trees, a Downy Woodpecker drumming on a tree, a few Robins looking for worms, about 8-10  bluebirds flitting from post to post and 3 coyotes walking along the stream. It was awesome!

You never know what you’ll see there, but there is always something. This morning was just amazing. Every time we turned around something else caught our eye. It’s a pretty trail and goes for quite a ways if you want to go for a longer walk.

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