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Here’s Looking At Ewe in Estes Park!



When the Bighorn Sheep come down from the high mountains this time of year because the snow is too deep to find enough grass to eat, it is usually later in the morning. By 3:00 pm or so, they are headed back up to the higher, safer grounds for the night.

On their way up, this herd of about 30 Bighorn Sheep walked right up our side yard, grazing as they strolled along. This was the last Ewe to pass by. She looked right in the window at me. I happened to have my camera ready… 🙂

So adorable! Look at that face!

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Bighorn Sheep Loving It Up High On The Rocks In Estes Park



I was walking home from town on Saturday when I saw this herd of about 30 Bighorn Sheep climbing up and all around the tall rocks. They were pretty high!


They maneuvered the rocks without caution and were loving all the photographers on the side of the road clicking away! I zoomed in on the first photograph so you could see them better. Pretty cool, don’t you think?

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The Bighorn Sheep Were Jumping Across The High Rocks In Estes Park



I took lots of photographs of the Bighorn Sheep the other day, high up on the rocks near our home in Estes Park. It was amazing to see them jump from one rock to the next, up so high.


I saw this one Ewe jump across the rocks and then her baby follow right after her. What an incredible sight! That was a pretty big jump!

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Huge Herd Of Bighorn Sheep On Fall River Road In Estes Park



I was walking in to town the other day when I saw this huge herd of Bighorn Sheep on the side of the road. I could hardly get them all in my camera view.

Pretty cool, don’t you think?

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A Dozen Bighorn Sheep Rams On The Side Of The Road From Estes Park Going To Drake



I was driving to Loveland the two days ago when I saw this herd of all Bighorn Sheep Rams on the side of the road. I had my phone nearby so I clicked away.

When I got home and put the photograph on my computer, it almost looks like a watercolor, don’t you think? The Ram’s coats are still all scraggly from the winter.

What an amazing sight!

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Bighorn Sheep Looking For Food In The Deep Snow In Estes Park And RMNP



This herd of Bighorn Sheep came bounding down the mountain looking for something to eat in the deep snow.


They stayed for a long while, digging in the snow for some grass or eating the tiny leaves off of the plants that had already started to bloom a bit.

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Beautiful Ram In The Deep Snow In Estes Park And RMNP



This was such a beautiful photograph of this ram as he was looking for food after the deep snow the other day.

Isn’t he gorgeous?

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Bighorn Sheep On The Rock By Our Bedroom In Estes Park



I was reading a book the other day when some movement distracted me. When I looked up, this Bighorn Sheep was looking in at me from on top of the huge rock outside our bedroom window. I just loved the photograph.


You can see how big that rock is by the second photograph. My 95 year old Dad keeps telling me that I live in a zoo. I have to admit, it is pretty cool seeing all of this wildlife right outside our window.

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