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Endovalley In RMNP Is Lush With Color



With all the rain we had in Rocky Mountain National Park this past spring, the colors in Endovalley are vibrant.

Loved this photograph of the Aspen trees with the Golden Banner wildflowers in the green, green grass.

What do you think?

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Black And White Photograph Of Castle Mountain From Black Canyon Trail On Lumpy Ridge In RMNP



The views along Black Canyon Trail on Lumpy Ridge in Rocky Mountain National Park are always spectacular.

I really liked this black and white photograph of Castle Mountain on the right with the leafless, white aspens in the foreground.

What do you think?

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Lake Estes Trail Is So Pretty In The Fall With The Golden Aspens



Lake Estes Trail is so pretty in the fall with the golden aspens lining the trail. It is such a contrast to the snowy mountains in the background.

It only lasts for a few days…until the leaves fall or the wind blows them away. Have you been there during the fall?

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Golden Aspen Trees At Bear Lake In RMNP



The Aspen trees are starting to change color in Rocky Mountain National Park!

We took a drive up to Bear Lake a couple of days ago and there were little bits of gold and orange coloring along the way. I bet the next week or two will be spectacular!

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Longs Peak And The Golden Aspen Trees From Highway 7 In Estes Park



I took this photograph of Longs Peak and the golden Aspen trees last week just as they were starting to turn. The next day was very windy and I’m sure they’re gone by.

But it was a pretty view of Longs Peak after a little dusting of snow from Highway 7 in Estes Park.


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The Big Thompson River By Lake Estes Is Full Of Color With The Golden Aspen Trees!



The view of the Big Thompson River from the Lake Estes Trail with Rocky Mountain National Park in the background is one of my favorites, no matter what season. It is just gorgeous.

I love the aspens in the fall along the riverbanks. Beautiful, don’t you think?

Just heard that RMNP will open at NOON today. Woo! Hoo!! See you there!

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