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Bighorn Sheep At Endovalley in RMNP


We usually see the Bighorn Sheep at Horsheshoe Park in Rocky Mountain National Park. But there seems to be a herd of Bighorn Sheep that has been hanging  around Endovalley, usually past the picnic area.

I saw this Ram and two Ewes near the Alluvial Fan the other day. I loved this photograph with the mountain and sky as a backdrop. He looks so small.

What do you think?

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Three-Toed Woodpecker In Rocky Mountain National Park


We were taking a walk at the Alluvial Fan in Rocky Mountain National Park when I heard a woodpecker pecking steadily at a Ponderosa Pine tree nearby. The bark was flying everywhere!

I clicked away, at first thinking it was a Downy Woodpecker. It was pretty far up. But then when I looked at my photographs, I realized it was a 3-Toed Woodpecker.  He was moving a mile a minute so my photographs are not very good.

I think you can see the three toes in the second photograph. I did get a little bit of the yellow on his head, but that photograph was very blurry.


This is only the second time I’ve ever seen a 3-Toed Woodpecker. The last time was about 12 years ago. Such a treat!

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Alluvial Fan Trail In RMNP Is Covered With Rocks And Boulders


When the flood hit last year it brought down “football fields” full of rocks and boulders at the Alluvial Fan in Rocky Mountain National Park. It wiped out the walking bridge and re-routed the river.

The NPS has just finished repairing the road and built a new bridge over the river so that cars can now drive into the west parking lot.

One-way Old Fall River Road should open on time, July 4th weekend, next summer.

This photograph is of the old walking bridge on the trail to the Alluvial Fan. It looks like a little waterfall. There is now a short gravely trail from the road part way up through the boulders, but no bridge to get across. This couple hopped across the rocks to get across. But be careful, the river is running pretty fast. You can also get to the other side from the east parking lot.


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Black And White Photograph Of A Bud At The Alluvial Fan in RMNP


I thought this would make a great comparison between a black and white photograph of a bud at the Alluvial Fan in Rocky Mountain National Park and a color photograph.


Which one do you like better?

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