Great Horned Owl And Babies In Estes Park


Phil and I went back to the library parking lot yesterday morning with our bigger cameras to see if we could get a better shot of the Great Horned Owl and her two little owlets. When we got there we could only see one owlet and wondered where the other one was. We waited a good hour while they all napped and finally it emerged. You can see them both here with mom with their little heads resting on the ledge. It was really cool to see all of their eyes open!

Great Horned Owl With 2 Owlets Behind The Estes Park Library



I was walking by the library yesterday afternoon when Mark (who works at the library) said, “Do you want to see something cute?” He had a camera and tripod in hand so I knew it had to be something good. I said, “Of course!” We walked back to the parking lot and over to where the buses and RVs park and looked up on the rocks walls. There, sitting on the ledge, was a Great Horned Owl and 2 owlets. They were just adorable! And a sight to see!  Just beautiful!

If you live in Estes Park or are coming here soon, don’t miss them! Look up on the rock ledges in the Estes Park Library parking lot near the US Bank. They are priceless and, for many, a once in a lifetime find!

Pine Grosbeak In Rocky Mountain National Park


As we were hiking the other day, Phil and I saw a  bird flitting around high in the pine trees. It was eating all of the little buds up there. It was just beautiful with a yellow head, gray body and black and white striped wings. We brought our binoculars but forgot our birding book so we tried to memorize the bird and all of its features and colors. When we got back to the car, we pulled out our Sibley’s Guide to Birds and discovered that it was  Pine Grosbeak and uncommon in this area. It was really pretty and always fun to see a new or uncommon bird.

The Alpine Visitor’s Center In RMNP Is Still Buried In Snow!


When we went  up with the media on Monday to see the work of the snowplows on Trail Ridge Road, we stopped at the Alpine Visitor’s Center to take some photographs. It is still buried in deep snow up to its roof! The snow-plowers hope to have the parking lot cleared by Friday, but they are not sure if the Visitor’s Center will be open by then. 

As we were taking pictures, the wind really kicked up to almost a whiteout. This is a picture of some of the media people walking across the snow just to get a picture of the building. You can see how deep the snow is.  Incredible, huh?

The Snow Drifts On Trail Ridge Road In RMNP Are Incredible!


Phil and I were invited to go up with the media to see Trail Ridge Road before it opens (weather permitting) to the public on Friday for Memorial Day Weekend. It is always fun to see how the road is plowed and to see the HUGE snow drifts! The different newspapers and TV stations come out to take pictures of the huge rotary snowplows in motion and how they throw the snow so far away. It is just incredible to see just how much snow there is on top of the mountain! The snowdrifts must be 25 feet tall! Here is a picture of Phil standing in front of the huge snowdrift up near the Alpine Visitor’s Center.

If you want to see some spectacular scenery, come up to Rocky Mountain National Park this weekend and drive up Trail Ridge Road. It is unbelievable!

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