The New Outdoor Eyes Blog Is Like The Falling Of New Snow.


We just recently moved from the East Coast to Colorado and there are many things different in Colorado than the East Coast. But the one thing that sticks in my mind the most is that the snow is much whiter and cleaner.

On the East Coast, the snow falls in November or December… and the same snow remains until all the remaining snow melts away in the springtime. Plows place tons of sand and salt on the road… and the dirty sand and salt mixes with the snow along with the fallen leaves that have not been raked up.

This creates piles of dirty snow that melts and re-freezes along with the grey skies that remain forever during the winter months. Here in Colorado, the skies still remain blue and the black & white photograph above still indicates a more cleaner look than the East Coast during the winter months.

So… I look into the sky and look into the mountain and I am thankful that I took the chance and moved to Colorado after spending all my life in the one state of Connecticut.

Welcome To The New Outdoor Eyes Blog


When we decided to create a new Outdoor Eyes Blog, the image of the blog that appeared in our minds was “Simplistic & Minimal.” The world has become so complicated with all the gadgets and all the things to learn… that we decided to create our Outdoor Eyes Blog in the most simplistic fashion that could be done.

Black & White came into our minds, too. But we all know that Black & White photography by Ansel Adams was far from simplistic!

We took almost everything that clutters up a blog and stripped it down to almost nothing. The most important element of a blog is content and all the bells or whistles on a blog can be ignored. It all comes down to what someone has to say and place it into print for others to read. We hope that some of the text that is presented on this blog motivates you to comment… and we will appreciate it (as all comments bring an element of discussion… and that is good).

In our daily lives, we can’t seem to get away from connectivity (and some of it is good). We recently purchased new Blackberry cellphones (we had the old 7 year old basic phone with a battery lifespan of about 20 minutes) and connectivity now follows us everywhere… except in the great outdoors… where we do not get cellphone reception.

The art of enjoying the great outdoors is not as prevalent as it used to be 50 years ago and it must not be lost among the newest generation. They must learn to balance their iPods, iPhones and nature. Everything has its place and everything is important. There is not one more important thing than another.

We are looking forward to writing about many subjects in the future and hopefully some of the entries in our blog will be interesting enough for you to return every once in a while.

Thanks for taking the time to visit our Outdoor Eyes Blog.
Mel & Philip Tulin

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