Wildlife Photo Art In Estes Park Has New Dura Plaque Wildlife Coasters


Tom Mussehl, the owner and photographer of Wildlife Photo Art in Estes Park, CO, has introduced a great new item in his gallery. He has taken many of his popular photographs and made them into coasters, using Dura Plaque so the coasters are durable and the photographs won’t fade. You can choose from a bugling elk, a moose, a mountain lion, bald eagle or a bear! This is a great gift idea for someone who lives in Colorado or has visited here or as a piece of memorabilia to bring home from your stay in Estes Park. Stop by Wildlife Photo Art on Elkhorn Ave. in Estes Park, say hi to Tom and see these new, unique wildlife coasters!

“Snow Knees” in Rocky Mountain National Park


It is so much fun to go for a hike with a youngster, whether they are 3 years old or 13, and discover all of the fascinating things that you see out in nature. One of our favorite things to show kids are the trees that have been bent or distorted by the heavy weight of the winter snows for many winters. These deformed trees still soak up the sun and continue to thrive way up in the high mountains. We call them “snow knees” because they look like they’re bent like knees. Kids just love them!

Rocky Mountain Nature Association In Estes Park Is Great Fun For Kids!


Last Thursday I was asked by the RMNA to create a program for a class of 7th graders who were coming into Estes Park and wanted some educational and fun things to do. That was an easy task with Rocky Mountain National Park in our backyard!

I woke up to 7″ of new snow on the ground and thought that the field trip might be cancelled. No way! They were here bright and early to fit in everything that they could! We started at the Beaver Meadows Visitors Center for a 25 minute movie that gives a great overview of the national park, followed by questions and answers from the local ranger. From there we took a drive into the park where it had snowed 12″ by Deer Mountain. We stopped at the Longs Peak overview for some photo ops and then headed down to Chippy Rock where the kids could get a view of Horseshoe Park and the Alluvial Fan.  It was beautiful! We stopped at Endovalley so they could hike up the trail and see where the Lawn Lake Dam had burst in 1982 and sent millions of gallons of water which left 6 feet of water in Estes Park.

It was time for lunch at the RMNA and a quick explanation of how to use a GPS. Then on to geocaching in town and near Lake Estes. Geocaching is a high-tech scavenger hunt using a GPS. There are many caches that have been hidden all over Estes Park and it is so much fun trying to find them! Even with the temperatures in the 30s and the winds howling at about 30 mph, the kids loved it!  It is great to see their faces when they are the one to find the hidden treasure.

What a fun field trip. The kids got a taste of RMNP (in the snow!) and learned how to geocache in Estes Park. Geocaching is a great outdoor activity for both kids and adults…the perfect thing to do with the whole family!

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