The Elk Are Back In Town In Estes Park!


It’s always fun to walk around town and see the elk. It’s like they belong there. You can go to Bond Park and they might be taking a nap on the grass. Or you can see them munching away on the flowers or the trees by the businesses or homes.

It’s the time of year that they come down from the mountains because it is too cold up there. It’s almost autumn. They are getting ready for the rut. They are probably loving all of the goodies in town.

I thought this picturewas perfectly. He sure is enjoying a feast of good leaves on this tree!

The Aspen Trees Are Beautiful At Lily Lake In RMNP


The aspen trees are still so pretty at Lily Lake and in RMNP. Pretty soon the weather will change and the leaves will turn their golden color. It’s a beautiful time of year.

But now I still savor summer and the warm days and the few wildflowers that are left. Lily Lake is  great little 1/2 mile walk around the lake with a couple of cut-offs if you want to go up the mountain or see some more wildflowers.

Tall Yellow Coneflower Is Just Beautiful In Rocky Mountain National Park and Estes Park


I first saw this Tall Coneflower when I was hiking on the Fern Lake Trail about a month ago. It was jus starting to bloom and was so pretty. It is a huge plant, standing about 6′ tall with vibrant yellow flowers that are 2-5″ wide.

I’ve seen it many times since…on many trails, roads and downtown Estes Park in the beautiful flower gardens. I took a picture when it was just blooming and again when it had reached its peak. It’s very elegant, don’t you think?

This Tree Is A Woodpecker’s Dream On Lumpy Ridge In RMNP


I was out hiking along the Black Canyon Trail and happened to see this tree inundated with many woodpecker holes. I was surprised that I had never noticed it before, as I hike that trail pretty frequently. I guess I’m usually looking down and not up!

I wondered if there were many inhabitants at the beginning of the summer when the birds are nesting and raising their young. I’ll have to remember to look next spring when the birds migrate back and start looking for a place to lay their eggs.

I thought it was a cool tree whether it is used as a  home for many birds or just for the woodpeckers to drill holes for bugs.

John Denver Tribute Concert In Estes Park By Brad Fitch Was A Great Time!


The 7th Annual John Denver Tribute Concert in Estes Park, held at the Stanley Fairgrounds, was a great time! The music began at 5:00 with the Dennis Tobias Band. The three-some had the crowd clapping and singing along. It was a great pre-show for the concert. The people were loving the music.

Brad Fitch and his band, the Tropi-Cowboys,  came on at 6:30 and started the John Denver Tribute Concert festive night with “Rocky Mountain High.” The crowd loved it!  Everyone was singing along. Not only does Cowboy Brad look like John Denver, he sounds like him too. Throughout the evening, the band played many favorite John Denver tunes which always invoke the audience to sing along! It seemed like everyone knew all of the words to most of the songs.

There were people from New Zealand, Costa Rica, Wales and all over the United States. Everyone was having fun!  The John Denver Tribute Concert was another great success!

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