Mount McHenry And Ribbon Falls In Rocky Mountain National Park



I took this photograph while on a hike a few weeks ago…before all of the snow! It as a glorious day and just perfect weather. Ribbon Falls is still in the shade a bit, but I think you can see it with Mount McHenry in the background.

Since then, the mountains have gotten hit with a ton of snow and cold temperatures. But I thought I’d post this one anyway. It was such a pretty day. I guess it’ll be a snowshoe hike now until next spring!

My California Poppies Were Blooming Here In Estes Park Up Until The End Of October When It Snowed!



The growing season here seemed very long this past fall. Flowers that you thought would have gone by weeks ago were still blooming!

My Blue Flax was still gorgeous. It seemed to have had a second life around the middle of September. They usually don’t bloom past the middle of August.

And these California Poppies didn’t start blooming at all until the middle of September. They were nestled into the rock wall and looked like this until the snow came a couple of weeks ago.

A Gorgeous Bald Eagle Landed In A Dead Tree Right Near Me At Lake Estes



I was taking a walk around Lake Estes the other day and was thinking that I hadn’t seen a Bald Eagle in quite a while. As I neared this one tree where they sometime perch, I saw one sitting right up there. I took a few photographs but he was pretty far away. I couldn’t wait to go home and show Phil that I had finally seen one!

As I approached the other side of the lake, there he was, sitting in another dead tree eating his prey. It looked like a fish he had just caught. What perfect timing!

I clicked away and I think I got a few really nice photographs of this gorgeous Bald Eagle. What a treat! And he was only about 30 feet away. Isn’t the background spectacular?






The View Of Hallett Peak And Flattop Mountain From Bear Lake Road In RMNP Is Just Spectacular!



I always love the drive up Bear Lake Road in Rocky Mountain National Park…in any season. It always takes my breath away!

We took a drive up there last weekend after the snow and the views were just spectacular! Amazing, arenn’t they?

The Mule Deer Are Everywhere In Estes Park This Year!



I was commenting a couple of weeks ago that I hadn’t seen any Mule Deer in such a long time. Then, all of a sudden, I see them everywhere! Outside our home and all around town.

When driving around Estes Park you always have to be on the lookout for wildlife crossing the street. Phil and I were driving to the library and we stopped to take a photograph of one mule deer on the side of the road when 3 others ran across right in front of us. This is a very common sight out here in Estes Park!

Enjoy the wildlife! They are everywhere!

Herd Of Elk Resting By The Big Thompson River In Estes Park



It was one of those perfect fall days…temperatures in the 60s and sunny and beautiful! Phil and I decided to take a little walk down by the lake.

As we walked we could see a herd of elk resting by the side of the Big Thompson River. This one particular elk (we call him “spike” because he only has one point on his antler) was meandering across the river. I loved this picture of the elk drinking from the river while the rest of the herd rested nearby. I thought the fall coloring was just spectacular!

The Rocky Mountains Are Socked In With Clouds And Snow This Week!



We’ve had just crazy weather this week. It started with rain down here in Estes Park last Saturday And then Sunday the winds started and haven’t let up yet. They’ve been about 35-40 mph with gusts up to 50 mph. And temperatures dropped into the 20s and 30s and are still there. Tomorrow it’s supposed to warm up a bit and then stay  warmer into the weekend.

We’ve taken a drive into Rocky Mountain National Park each day this week, hoping to see the snow on top of the mountains but there is a set of clouds that has been ther since last weekend. You can see that Flattop and Hallett Peak are totally white. You cannot even see Longs Peak because of the clouds. It’ll be so much fun to see just how much snow they’ve gotten way up high…especially if it’s been snowing since last weekend!

I took this photograph from the lookout over Horshoe Park on Wednesday morning, looking at the Mummy Range. It’s so pretty but I can’t wait until the clouds clear away and we can get a good picture of the mountain range and all the snow up top!

The Snow Poles Up On Trail Ridge Road In RMNP Are Ready For The Snow To Start Falling!



Phil and I took a ride up Trail Ridge Road the other day to see how much snow was up there. The road had been closed for about a week and we weren’t sure how long it would remain open.

We could see quite a bit of snow in the distant mountains and also where it had drifted along Trail Ridge Road.

You can see the “snow poles” along the sides of the road. These help the snowplows maneuver the road when the snow is very deep. Up top these poles are a good 10-15 feet tall. We’ve seen drifts at least that tall when spring comes.

You never know when they will close Trail Ridge Road for the season. Old Fall River Road is already closed. If you want to get that last scenic drive in, you’d better do it pretty soon before they do close the road for the winter.

Big Horn Sheep In Rocky Mountain National Park



We woke up this morning to heavy winds and blowing snow. Phil and I took a ride into Rocky Mountain National Park to see what it looked like in there. It had cleared in town but was still pretty blustery in the park. Up at Hidden Valley there was 4-6 inches of snow and the temperature was 28 degrees. Br-r-r.

On our way out we saw this Ram on the side of the road. He was just beautiful and the first ram we’ve seen this season. Quite a sight!

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