Mrs. Walsh’s Garden In Estes Park Is Beautiful In Any Season



Stroll into serenity when you enter Mrs. Walsh’s Garden.  Visitors to the Garden will find respite as they walk through this mountain garden or sit on a bench to rest.  Whether you are an avid gardener or simply enjoy the abundant colors of nature, Mrs. Walsh’s Garden will awaken your senses as you enjoy the flora of life zones from the foothills to the alpine tundra.

A winding footpath will lead you to a quiet pond accompanied by a small waterfall.   Other garden elements that can also be found include: a beautiful bronze statue, a dry stream bed, sitting nooks, garden art, and an abundance of flowers and plants native to the surrounding Rocky Mountain Region.  As you travel through the Garden, you will see plant displays that are well-identified, native to the foothills, montane, subalpine, and alpine life zones.

Mrs. Walsh’s Garden is a community treasure that began with the enthusiasm and vision of Judy Lamy.  With her gracious purchase of the land in 1996, she was able to begin the project in honor of her grandmother, Mrs. Winifred Walsh. Today, Estes Park residents and seasonal visitors are able to enjoy the garden for pleasure, inspiration and education.

Is It Migrating Season For The Western Bluebird?



When we built our house a few years ago, we made sure that we had “over-sized” windows in our bedroom so that we could see everything that was outside. Our property abuts Rocky Mountain National Park, so it is just spectacular! Our bedroom window looks right up the mountains. It is just beautiful, even at night when you can see the billions of stars light up the sky.

Today about 12:00 noon we noticed a lot of activity on the hillside outside the bedroom window. Expecting to find Junkos feasting on the seeds that we had planted a few weeks ago, we were treated to a field full of Western Bluebirds. They were eating everything in sight. There must’ve been 15-20 of them scurrying about. They were just beautiful.

I quickly got my camera out and tried to take some shots. Western Bluebirds love to perch on stone walls, fence posts and anything that sticks out of the ground. With camera in hand, here are some of the pictures that I was able to take in the 10 minutes that they graced us with their presence!

They Were Still Fly-Fishing By The Dam On Lake Estes In The Gorgeous Weather Last Week



It’s the first week of October and I still have not put on a winter jacket. I’ve put on my spring jacket only a couple of mornings when it’s been a little chilly and then I take it off by 10:00am. The weather has been just spectacular! The town has been crowded with Elk Fest people and RMNP autumn leaf peepers and this weekend is the Surprise Sidewalk Sale. It’s just nice to be outside.

I was walking around Lake Estes and there were so many people fly-fishing by the dam,. I just had to take a picture. It looked like summer!

The weather forecast looks to be warm for a while longer, so come on up and enjoy this gorgeous mountain town and national park!

Greenback Cutthroat Trout At Sprague Lake In Rocky Mountain National Park



Each year at about this time we see these Greenback Cutthroat Trout at Sprague Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park! We never see them in the lake itself but on the little stream that flows into the lake. There were quite a lot of them there yesterday.  They are very colorful with bright red on their fins. I think I got a pretty good picture of them in the little stream.

Hiking Black Lake Trail In Rocky Mountain National Park On A Warm, Fall Day



My friend Debbie had talked about hiking the Black Lake Trail for a couple of years so we decided to hike it last week. It was a gorgeous day with the temperatures in the 70s. How often can you hike in shorts in October? Plus the aspens were in full color so it couldn’t get much better.

We started our hike about 7:30am, hoping to get  a parking spot in the Glacier Gorge parking lot. It was a beautiful hike up to Alberta Falls and then up to Mills Lake. It surprised us that the sun was so low already in the sky. It didn’t really get up over the mountain until after noon. We decided to take many of our pictures on the way back down.

The hike is 9.8 miles round trip and very pretty. What I had forgotten were all of the steps. Debbie kept saying, “Boy, there are a lot of steps!” Yes, there were a lot! We stopped at Mills Lake which is 2.5 miles for a little rest and a snack. The lake is just beautiful with many reflections. Then we headed up past Jewel Lake and hiked through the meadows and up more steps. The Ribbon Waterfall near Black Lake was cascading down but still  in a dark shadow. The sun hadn’t gotten that high yet.

We hiked up the last and steepest steps and reached Black Lake. It looks like it was carved out by a huge glacier with the majestic mountains as a backdrop. It really is spectacular!

Wanting another little rest and some fuel, we had lunch by the side of the lake and gazed at the gorgeous scenery around us. We talked about all of the diverse trails in Rocky Mountains National Park and how lucky we were to live nearby.

The hike down was much easier and we were glad we had our hiking poles to help with those hundreds of steps! What a perfect day with perfect weather!


The Bull Elk Are Magnificent Animals In Estes Park And RMNP



The Bull Elk are magnificnet creatures this time of year as they strut their stuff, hoping to get a large harem of cows. I took this photograph as one was walking past my bedroom window in search of a lost cow. He stopped and looked around and then went charging on, bugling away!

The Aspens On The Trail Up To Alberta Falls And Mills Lake In RMNP Last Week Were Spectacular!



The golden aspens on the trail up to Alberta Falls and Mills Lake were spectacular last week. They were in peak color and just beautiful. They made a golden canopy above the trail that was so pretty, I just had to take a picture!

We couldn’t believe that we were hiking in shorts and a t-shirt in October…what awesome weather!

This Guy Was Just Adorable!



I happened to look out the window yesterday and saw the Big Horn Sheep coming down the mountainside right by our house. There were about 10 of them. I got my camera, ran downstairs and happened to catch them outside our guestroom window, eating  the grass in the back of our house. This guy was about 2 feet away and so cute. He just kept looking up at me. I kept shooting away through the window, but I think I got a pretty good one. Isn’t he just adorable?

The Colorado State Flower, The Columbine, Is Still Blooming On The Black Lake Trail In RMNP



I was hiking up Black Lake Trail on Tuesday when I saw a field of wildflowers. I couldn’t believe it! There were Columbine, Senecio, Bistort, Asters and Indian Paintbrush. I was pretty close to Black Lake so the elevation must’ve been  about 10,000 feet. I thought that the wildflowers that high had died weeks ago.

The wildflowers were all nestled against a rock wall that was pretty high and pretty wet but in the shade for most of the day. It was just such a treat to see these beautiful wildflowers blooming in October!


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