Two Little Marmots Peeking out From The Rocks In Estes Park, CO


The marmots are one of my favorite animals here in Estes  Park and Rocky Mountain National Park. They are just adorable. We used to have quite a few of them living in the rocks outside of our house but I haven’t seen any last year or this year so far. I have seen a fox who frequents the area and a new bobcat. Maybe this is why the marmots decided to relocate.

On my loop walk to town or home I always see these little marmots. This particular day two of them stood up to check me out. They were so cute. I’d never seen two of them like this before…and there was another marmot who scurried off when I came by. Maybe I can get all three of them in the photograph next time!

The Snow Is REALLY High On Trail Ridge Road Past Many Parks Curve In RMNP

With the cloudy and rainy weekend we had here in Estes Park, Phil and I thought it would be fun to drive up as far as we could go on Trail Ridge Road in RMNP on the first sunny day in a while. We had heard that the “Media Day,” when all of the media is invited up past the gate on Trail Ridge Road to film the plowing of the huge snows, was supposed to be last Friday but was cancelled because of the inclement weather. It has yet to be rescheduled. Kyle from RMNP had sent pictures of the Alpine Center totally covered with snow with snowmobiles going  almost on top of it. The pictures were amazing! I’d never seen so much snow. It reminded me of the photographs we’ve seen of the 1990s and earlier.

Last year when we went up to Trail Ridge Road on Media Day, there was virtually no snow on the sides of the road in the same place that I took this picture. The snow this year is almost 20 feet deep there. It’ll be incredible to see how deep the snows are way up on top by the Visitor’s Center in a few days.

It Was A Gorgeous Morning In Estes Park After A Cloudy, Cold And Wet Weekend

The past weekend was pretty cloudy, cold and very wet on Saturday. Sunday was cloudy and cool but the rain and snow stayed away.

When we got up this morning it was still pretty foggy, but you could see a little blue sky trying to peek out.  As we drove into town about 8:00 am, I noticed that there were still some low-lying lingering clouds above Lumpy Ridge. I thought it might make a nice photograph so we drove around until we found one that we liked.

The clouds are really interesting, don’t you think?

Beautiful Photo Of The Elk On The Ridge In Rocky Mountain National Park

Phil and I were headed up to Cub Lake Trail to take a little hike and see if there were any birds or new wildflowers when we came around the curve on Cub Lake Road and saw this. I thought it was just beautiful!

The elk on the ridge with the snowy mountains in the background and the Colorado blue, blue sky with afew clouds…it doesn’t get much better than that!

I Can Eat Your Grass In Estes Park If I Want To!


We frequently have elk coming by our house, grazing on the little grass that we have this time of year. The other day I heard Phil calling from inside the bedroom window, “Please don’t eat our grass! There’s not much left.” This elk heard his muffled cry and looked up as he clicked this photograph. Precious, isn’t it? The elk  just love to eat any new sprouts that we have growing in our sparse yard. And then they look up and laugh at us with their mouths full! Ha!

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