Dusky Grouse And Chick On The Tundra In RMNP


I was up on the tundra in Rocky Mountain National Park looking for wildflowers and butterflies when I heard this low hoot coming from the shrubs. Hmmm…

I went to investigate and found a Dusky Grouse (formerly known as a Blue Grouse) and her chicks wandering in the shrubbed area. She posed long enough for me to get a photograph and then flew up into a tree. This little chick wandered about for a bit before mom came to get him. I love the top of their heads. It almost looks like they have a little crown.

It was interesting to learn that the Dusky Grouse does not migrate from north to south but rather up and down the mountain slopes.


Isn’t this little guy just adorable?

Beautiful, Delicate, Pink Prairie Smoke Wildflower At Lily Lake in RMNP


I think that the Prairie Smoke wildflower is one of the prettiest wildflower that I have ever seen. It is as unique when it blooms as when it seeds.

I’ve seen the Prairie Smoke at Lily Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park a couple of times. I do not see it every year. It is also known as “Old Man’s Whiskers” which is very evident in the bottom photograph which shows what it looks like when it seeds.

The Prairie Smoke grows to about 12″ tall with 3/4″, hairy, dusty-rose flowers. The seeds have long (about 2″), showy, purplish plumes.


I think it is just exquisite, what do you think?

Cool-Looking Dragonfly At Lily Lake in RMNP!


I was standing at the edge of Lily Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park when this dragonfly flew right at me and then hovered for a few seconds. I had my camera out so I clicked away and got a couple of fun photographs.

Have you ever seen a dragonfly from this angle? Look at that little face. Cool, don’t you think?

Adorable Twin Fawns And Mom At Lake Estes


These two little twin fawns were munching away on the shrubs with their mom down at Lake Estes. They were just adorable!


It was one of those lucky moments when I just happened to be walking by and happened to have my camera ready.


They are just precious, don’t you think?

Stunning Black And White Weidemeyer’s Admiral Butterfly At Bear Lake in RMNP!


I have seen this black and white butterfly in Rocky Mountain National Park several times this summer but could never get a good photograph. It kept flying away.

This particular day last week Phil and I were up at Bear Lake and it landed right on the rock we were walking by. Wow! What luck!

It is called a Weidemeyer’s Admiral and is just stunning! It is black and white on the outside, but when it folds its wings you can see some red underneath. In the top photograph you can even see its tongue curving around. It likes to feed on willows, aspens and cottonwoods.


Have you ever seen a Weidemeyer’s Admiral? Isn’t it just gorgeous?

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