Love Those Magpies in Rocky Mountain National Park And Estes Park!


This little Magpie loved having his photograph taken in Rocky Mountain National Park the other day. He stood on that rock just looking around.

Phil took some photographs with the mountains in the background while I took some close-ups of him.

Isn’t his coloring beautiful?


Stunning Black And White Photograph Of The Mountains In RMNP While Hiking On Black Canyon Trail


I took this photograph a few weeks ago and just love the effect of the black and white from Black Canyon Trail in Rocky Mountain National Park.

What do you think?

This Bull Elk With His Harem Was Magnificent With Longs Peak In RMNP In The Background


We saw quite a few herds of elk in Moraine Park. This was one of the herds in the distance with Longs Peak as the backdrop. This Bull Elk was bugling away as a few other bulls were vying for his cows.

It doesn’t get much more spectacular, do you think?

Longs Peak And The Golden Aspen Trees From Highway 7 In Estes Park


I took this photograph of Longs Peak and the golden Aspen trees last week just as they were starting to turn. The next day was very windy and I’m sure they’re gone by.

But it was a pretty view of Longs Peak after a little dusting of snow from Highway 7 in Estes Park.


Bull Elk Bugling With His Herd On Cub Lake Road In RMNP


We saw this Bull Elk with his herd bugling away, trying to keep the other bulls from stealing his cows on Cub Lake Road in Rocky Mountain National Park. They had quite a thing going on….back and forth.

This Bull Elk was not wandering too far from his cows as he bugled away.

Gorgeous, isn’t he?

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