Black And White Photograph Of The Heavy Rains In RMNP!


It always amazes me when it rains out here in the mountains! The skies are so big that you can actually see exactly where it is raining. It is so cool!

We were driving out of Rocky Mountain National Park the other day when the sky turned dark and you could see a storm coming. And then you could see the sheets of rain in the distance. I never saw this back east because you don’t have these “big” skies.

Pretty dramatic, don’t you think?

White-Crowned Sparrow On The Tundra In RMNP!


The White-Crowned Sparrows love the tundra in Rocky Mountain National Park! We seem to see them at every stop.

This particular White-Crowned Sparrow was singing away at the top of this tree on Medicine Bow Trail. I loved the mountain tundra as the backdrop.

What do you think?

There’s Royalty In The Wildflowers On The Tundra In Rocky Mountain National Park!


I just love the wildflowers blooming on the tundra in Rocky Mountain National Park! You can tell that the growing season is very short and almost over, as most of the wildflowers have gone by.

But I found the King’s Crown on the Medicine Bow Trail and the Queen’s Crown on a trail near one of the pull offs. They were just magnificent! Can you tell which is which?

Have you ever seen the Queen’s Crown or the King’s Crown on the tundra?


Elk Calf With An Adult Face On The Tundra In RMNP!


Phil and I were walking along the Medicine Bow Trail when we saw a herd of female elk passing by. I saw a couple of calves, still with their white spots. But when they turned to look at me, I couldn’t believe how adult their faces looked!

Check out these two photos. Doesn’t it look like someone put an adult neck and head on these calves? Funny, huh?


Beautiful Two-Tailed Yellow Swallowtail Butterfly On Black Canyon Trail In RMNP


This beautiful, yellow Two-Tailed Swallowtail butterfly was flitting around on Black Canyon Trail in Rocky Mountain National Park. I couldn’t believe it when it actually landed on this flower and stayed long enough for me to take its photograph.

There are many different kinds of Swallowtail butterflies. The Two-tailed Swallowtail is very large at 4 1/4″ with yellow above and black borders. Its forewings have 4 narrow black stripes while its hindwings have 1 narrow black stripe. It has blue spots near the rear edge with two distinct tails. Its habitat is canyons and gardens.

Have you ever seen a Swallowtail? Pretty, don’t you think?

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