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Pretty, Hairy Yellow Wildflower At Lily Lake In RMNP


I saw this pretty, hairy yellow wildflower at Lily Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park┬álast summer. I’ve looked and looked, trying to identify it. I thought it was so pretty and so unusual.


Does anyone know what kind of wildflower it is?

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No More Picnics Here In Estes Park For A While!


It’s always fun when we have our first snow of the season here in Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park. It’s so pretty.

I took this photograph of our picnic table on the deck. Guess we won’t be having any picnics for a while!

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This Bull Elk Was Loving The Snow In Estes Park!


We got our first decent snowfall of the year yesterday here is Estes Park with about 8″. It was so pretty.

I saw this huge Bull Elk digging through the snow looking for some of our delicious grasses for lunch.

Cute, isn’t he? Look at that face!

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Osprey Nest On The Powelines In Estes Park Last Summer


You never know just where you’ll find an Osprey’s nest in Estes Park! This Osprey landed way up on the power lines at the powerplant in Estes Park so I was able to see where he had built his nest. You can see the Osprey in the top right of the photograph.


Pretty cool, don’t you think?

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Cute Little Marmot Hiding Among The Rocks In Estes Park And RMNP


Sometimes it’s fun this time of year to pull out a photograph from last summer and reminisce. I took this one as I walked home from town one day last August. It was hiding among the rocks, just peeking out at me.

Cute little guy, huh?

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