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Deep, Purple Dusky Beards Tongue Penstemon Wildflowers Were Blooming On The Tundra In RMNP


The Dusky Beards Tongue Penstemon wildflowers were out everywhere on the tundra in Rocky Mountain National Park a couple of weeks ago. They were just beautiful.

Their “tongue” almost look like they have a little beard on them, don’t you think?

But, like most of the wildflowers on the tundra, they have gone by and are just a pleasant memory…


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Stunning Red Admiral Butterfly On Our Secret Trail In RMNP!


Five hundred photographs later between the two of us, I think we got a pretty good photograph of this Red Admiral butterfly on our secret trail in Rocky Mountain National Park.

We must have stood there for over a half an hour just clicking away, hoping that this little butterfly would open its wings. It obliged a bit but not as much as we would have liked!

I can’t decide which pose I like better. Sometimes the under side of the butterfly is just as pretty, if not prettier, than the upper side.

isn’t it just gorgeous? Which one do you like best?



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Beautiful White Mountain Death Camas Wildflowers On The Tundra In RMNP


I saw my first Mountain Death Camas wildflowers on the tundra in Rocky Mountain National Park a few weeks ago. I had never seen them before. They were just beautiful and I only saw that one up there.

Mountain Death Camas are in the Lily family and grow to about 18″ tall  with white flowers up to about 1/2″ across with 6 white and green sepals.

Have you ever seen one?



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Adorable Cedar Waxwing Chick At Lake Estes


This little Cedar Waxwing chick was sitting on the fence at Lake Estes chasing bugs in the air. He was so cute!

The first photograph shows him all puffed up like he was taking a deep breath before the strike! The second photograph shows him on the fence waiting for a bug to fly by.


And the last photograph shows him with “bug in mouth.” He was so proud!


Just adorable, don’t you think?

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Black And White Photograph Of The Storm Over Longs Peak In RMNP!


We’ve seen a lot of storms roll through the mountains in the past couple of weeks. I took this photograph as we were driving up Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park looking over at Longs Peak.

Pretty dramatic, don’t you think?

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