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I had seen a Sora a couple of times before at Lake Estes but never in Rocky Mountain National Park.

We were out for a little hike when I heard this squawking noise. I asked Phil if he thought it was a bird or a kid. We didn’t know. He went one way to find some wildflowers and I went the other way trying to figure out just what was making that noise!

I came upon a beautiful Sora who was running all over the place…in the water, out of the water, across the trail, in the marsh, across the log…and squawking all the time!

As I clicked away I could see something moving slowly about in the mud. It was a little baby chick. It was just adorable, black with a red spot on its head and around its beak. How cute is that?


Have you ever seen a Sora? Beautiful bird, don’t you think? I love how you can see her reflection in the water. And look at the size of her feet…amazing!


5 Responses to “Beautiful Sora And Chick In Rocky Mountain National Park”

  1. scott mercer says:

    never seen one, or at least had no idea what it was if I did see one.

  2. Carrie says:

    Wow!! Magnificent!! I don’t think I’ve seen one or heard that name before.

  3. Linda O. says:

    LOVE the sparkles (what ARE they?) and reflection in the Mama Sora photo. And WHAT BIG FEET YOU HAVE, little chick! :-)

  4. Mel says:

    Linda, the sparkles are bits of cotton that have blown into the water from the Cottonwood tree. They make such a magical, sparkly look!

  5. Manny says:

    Absolutely stunning, Mel! Yes, the Sora’s reflection in the water is superb. The little one’s feet seem to match Mom’s in size. Now I know that you live in Paradise where there are every animal ever created. Wouldn’t be surprised to receive from you a picture of a Rhino. Your gift of these is such a treasure for which I send many many blessings to you.

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