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Phil and I were out hiking around Lily Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park on Sunday when we bumped into a friend of ours who said someone had seen a moose along the side of the trail. We all backtracked and there, resting in the snow patch, was a moose. How cool is that? You can even see where his antlers have fallen off recently.

I had never seen a moose at Lily Lake so I wasn’t looking for one. I guess the moral of the story is…never think you’ve seen everything! Keeping looking and something might surprise you!

Have you ever seen a moose at Lily Lake?? or anywhere in Rocky Mountain National Park?




One Response to “We Saw A Moose At Lily Lake In Rocky Mountain National Park On Mother’s Day!”

  1. Manny says:

    A Stunning photo of the Moose at the top which seems to be reclining in an armchair. Love the split light effect.

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