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The Killdeer is one of my favorite shore birds. I used to see them all the time back east along the shore. I was so surprised when I saw my first one out here at Lake Estes. I didn’t know they like fresh water too.

These two Killdeer were scampering along the shore of the lake when I saw them. I got a couple of quick photographs before they flew away singing their famous call, “Kill-deer! Kill-deer!”

Have you ever seen one? They are so distinguishable with the black and white rings around their necks.



4 Responses to “I Saw My First Killdeer Of The Season At Lake Estes!”

  1. Debra Niedbalski says:

    Thanks for sharing these pictures. We have Killdeer along the shores of Lake Michigan. If you get too close to their eggs, they fake an injury by raising a wing and walking away from you in hopes you’ll follow. An amazing little creatures!

  2. Manny says:

    What a spectacular bird, Mel! Wish so much that we had them here.

  3. Linda Olender says:

    Mel, remember the killdeer that nested somewhere near the circle in front of Smith Middle School? They were always fun to watch, especially when a female would pretend to be injured to protect her nest!

  4. Terri Terni says:

    I grew up in Conn with you and don’t remember ever seeing a Killdeer. Where was I? So pretty!

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