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There is a large grove of Aspen trees off of Bear Lake Road in Rocky Mountain National Park where the Magpies love to build their nests. This is the perfect time to see the nests, as the trees do not have any leaves on them yet to block your view.

I saw these two Magpies building their nest with branches from other nests. If you look closely, you can see the little twigs in each of their beaks. They would fly to an empty nest, get a new twig and then put it on their nest. It was quite a show!

Did you know that Magpies build a roof on their nest and have the opening to the nest on the side? This is so other birds or animals can’t get to their eggs. Pretty clever, don’t you think?



4 Responses to “The Magpies Were Building Their Nest In RMNP!”

  1. Debra Niedbalski says:

    Very interesting and what a smart little bird. They have pretty coloring.

  2. Diana Adams says:

    This summer will have a rental place on Devils Gulch Road, Estes Park.
    Where’s the closest trail for some easy to moderate hikes ? Our family range in age from 11 to 74, all fit and active……but live at sealevel, so altitude maybe an issue , but we’d take it slowly.

  3. Manny says:

    What a superbly gorgeous creature, Mel. Can’t imagine anything that can compete with Mother Nature’s work at the easel.

  4. Mel says:

    There are several great hikes near you. Try Cow Creek Trail, Balanced Rock or Bridal Veil Falls from the Cow Creek Trailhead, or Black Canyon Trail and Gem Lake Trail from the Lumpy Ridge Trailhead. You can find these on a RMNP map. If it is very hot, you might want to go into RMNP and hike at a little bit higher elevation where it would be cooler.
    Hope this helps.

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