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I love to see the Ring-Necked Ducks here in Estes Park! I usually see them at Lily Lake but they were swimming and diving at Lake Estes this morning. Most of the ice is gone from the lake, so I bet we will be seeing a lot more ducks and water birds soon.

The first photograph is of a male Ring-Necked duck. I always think it should be called a Ring-Billed Duck instead. What do you thinK?

And the second photograph is of the female Ring-Necked duck. Similar bill but totally different coloring.






3 Responses to “Lots Of Ring-Necked Ducks At Lake Estes In Estes Park”

  1. Manny says:

    I am with you, Mel, on the naming which seems to be a fairly common occurrence in the Bird World. This one is definitely: “ring-billed.”

  2. Kathleen says:

    Yes, I agree that these could possess a more descriptive name. Beautiful in any language, I think! 😀

  3. Peggy Carnahan says:

    Great captures of pretty ducks. I’m somewhat confused about the second pic, as it looks so much like a male Redhead to me. Nevertheless, wonderful pictures…..thanks.

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