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Ground Plum


I have seen many Ground Plum wildflowers growing in Estes Park, I just never knew what they were called. But I thought this photograph captured the shape of the flower and the hairy leaflets pretty well.

Ground Plum is a perennial that grows to about 6″ tall. The white leguminous flowers grow in clusters of 6-8 flowers. The hairy leaves are pinnate which means the leaves grow opposite each other. Their fruit resembles a miniature plum, which is probably where it got its name.

Pretty plant, don’t you think?


2 Responses to “Pretty, White Ground Plum Wildflower Growing In Estes Park”

  1. Kathleen says:

    Yes, ethereal in nature. I wonder if the ‘hairs’ on the leaves are for capturing moisture. Thanks!

  2. Manny says:

    Bless you, Mel, for this beautifully delicate treasures.

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