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Phil was working on his computer the other day when something on the deck caught his eye. He looked out and there was this wild turkey strutting along the railing. What was he doing up there?

Well, our neighbors put out a bird feeder in the winter and frequently there are dozens of wild turkeys digging in the dirt, trying to get the leftovers. They make such a mess of the yard and land.

One of them must have gotten disoriented and flown up on our deck.

Phil didn’t have time to get his camera out so he took a few photographs with his iPhone.  It was pretty bright out there. The first photograph shows him walking along the railing. The second photograph shows him looking down…which is about 30-40 feet. “Should I jump?”

Funny, don’t you think?




3 Responses to “What’s This Wild Turkey Doing On Our Deck In Estes Park?”

  1. scott mercer says:

    we recently had a possum on our deck eating left over dog food. wings down, your turkey has more personality.

  2. Manny says:

    The first photo puts me in mind of a tight rope walker at the circus and in the second I hear him saying: “Yes, Honey, I’ll be down in a jiffy”. Both shots are priceless.

  3. michael says:

    Nice pictures!! do you feed them to get them to come to the deck?

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