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The ride up Bear Lake Road in Rocky Mountain National Park is just beautiful!

I took this photograph on the way down from Bear Lake. The snowy mountain peaks of Taylor And Otis were just spectacular!


3 Responses to “Beautiful Views Of The Snowy Mountains From Bear Lake Road In Rocky Mountain National Park”

  1. scott mercer says:

    We got 3 days behind and what a treat finding these three photos as we got caught up today. We’ve spent much time hiking in all those featured areas. A little off subject…but what is the status of the massive road construction project now? Last April wasn’t a problem. We entirely avoided that road in August. As a result, thanks to Christopher at Boulder Brook, discovered lots of new hiking and climbing opps. Thanks for the photos. From what we heard, Estes had a frigid week!

  2. Mel says:

    Scott, Still a lot of construction n Bear Lake Road…even this itme of year. I think it’s supposed to last through the summer.

  3. Becky says:

    So beautiful = lovely to see in the winter.

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