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This tiny, little Yellow Alpine Stonecrop is perfectly suited to grow among the rocks on the tundra in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Its wax-coated leaves retain water while a gelatin-like sap is stored in the plant’s interior cells.These adaptations allow the plant to live at all levels of elevations.

I saw this plant at about 11,000 feet off of Trail Ridge Road at the beginning of the summer.

Pretty little wildflower, don’t you agree?


2 Responses to “Pretty, Yellow Alpine Stonecrop Wildflower Will Be Back On The Tundra In RMNP Soon!”

  1. Manny says:

    Exquisite, so full of life and light. Reaching out to the sun. So expressive!

  2. scott mercer says:

    Yes! We love those. Such a lovely splash of color.

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