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One of the last of the wildflowers to bloom in the summer is the beautiful Goldenrod. We usually see it in July and August and sometimes it may last into September. It reminds me of back east where there is also a lot of Goldenrod. I used to see it along the beaches.

Northern Goldenrod is a perennial herb which grows to about 10-50 cm tall, although last summer, with the lack of moisture, they didn’t seem as tall. Its flowers are yellow and grow in small clusters around a larger cluster. It blooms in July and August on moist to dry open sites from the foothills to the alpine.

We see Northern Goldenrod on many of our hikes in Rocky Mountain National Park in the summer. Have you ever seen them?




2 Responses to “We Always See The Beautiful Northern Goldenrod Wildflower While Hiking In Rocky Mountain National Park”

  1. Manny says:

    What a splendid shot, Mel, setting off the delicate texture of the Goldenrod against that of the mountain granite. I give her the name: “Delicate Coquette”.

  2. scott mercer says:

    great photograph and good idea highlighting the graceful beauty of an overlooked and often maligned late summer flower.

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