The Big Horn Sheep Sure Were Hungry After The Deep Snow In The Rockies!


When Phil and I came home after lunch yesterday there were 16 Big Horn sheep munching in our yard! They were like lawn mowers, eating everything in sight! We had gotten 15″ of snow down here in Estes Park so they must’ve gotten a lot more snow way up in the mountains. The sheep ate and ate like they hadn’t eaten in days. They mowed down all of the  new “Spring plants and flowers” in our front yard and then went on to the side yard. But, what do we plant all of these beautiful delicacies for? To feed the local wildlife, of course!

This one little guy was so cute! He kept looking at me as he devoured plant after plant. Occasionally he would look up at me and smile! He sure was enjoying his meal!

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2 thoughts on “The Big Horn Sheep Sure Were Hungry After The Deep Snow In The Rockies!”

  1. Had them in our back yard along Fall River today. First time we’ve seen them in back yard. Must be thirsty too..

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