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I was at the movies the other day and Phil was home playing his guitar. He heard a car door close and he came out to let me in the front door.

He walked outside and couldn’t see a car anywhere. He turned around to come back inside and was face to face with this Bull Elk. Instead of running in the house, he asked the elk, “Do you mind?” and got his iPhone out and clicked away.

Here he is up close and personal…and a few steps back. Pretty impressive animal, huh? (The sound he heard was the Bull Elk’s antlers scraping on the outside of our house.)



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4 Responses to “Bull Elk At Our Home In Estes Park Up Close And Personal!”

  1. scott mercer says:


  2. Kathleen says:

    And therein lies the beauty of Estes!

  3. Manny says:

    Wow! Wow! Wow!, Mel. What an incredible shot. The beguiling expression is priceless and makes him out to be the contrite house pet saying: “Please let me back in, I promise I’ll never Pee on the carpet again.” I bet that a nature magazine would love to be allowed to
    print that one.
    I hadn’t seen the remarkably handsome and awe-inspiring portrait with the magnificent
    rack when I wrote my first comment which is totally inappropriate as those splendid antlers would prohibit access through the doorway.

  4. Mary D'Ambra says:

    Nice…! Only in Estes, huh? Great job, Phil! 🙂

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