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Whether it rains or not, there are always a lot of Mexican Hat wildflowers here in Estes Park. It’s the one wildflower that we can count on to grow, even it there is little rain.

The Mexican Hat, also known as the Prairie Coneflower, grows to about 3 feet tall. It is very leggy and grows in clumps. Its flowers are about 2″ with 3-7 dropping yellow or red rays around a 1 1/2″-long columnar, red-brown disk. They bloom from June through September, so you can find them most of the summer.

We just went out and bought a few more bags of Mexican Hat seeds in hopes that they will grow on the slopes by our house where nothing else will grow. I’ll let you know what happens next summer!

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2 Responses to “There Are Always A Lot of Of Yellow And Red Mexican Hat Wildflowers In Estes Park!”

  1. Manny says:

    Puts me in mind of an upside down Mexican Coquette wearing a stunning red hat.

  2. Kathleen says:

    Impressive flower! It looks so tropical in contrast to what I would expect from a montane environment. And Happy New Year, Mel :>0

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