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Mountain Sagewort is a tall, stringy plant which we saw on the tundra in Rocky Mountain National Park last summer. Sagewort grows from 20 to 60 cm tall with yellow and green wide, nodding flower heads.

When I first saw the Mountain Sagewort, I thought it was dying because it was so droopy. But this is just how it grows on rocky slopes and grassy meadows. We saw it up on the tundra at about 11,000 feet.

Have you ever seen a Mountain Sagewort?

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4 Responses to “Mountain Sagewort On The Tundra In RMNP”

  1. scott mercer says:

    lovely photo. we saw that in august on the ute trail and also along that long trail going down from the alpine vis. center. thanks. meeting you two last april under the owl nest and then getting on your blog has been the best thing for keeping us in touch with the park and re-connecting with our memories between visits. happy thanksgiving!

  2. Mel says:

    Scott, Happy Thanksgiving to you too. Thank you for all of your comments; they are so much fun to read. It was great to meet you both last spring too…maybe we’ll see you again when you come out to Estes Park!

  3. Kathleen says:

    Nice photo. Let me wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving, Mel. Thank you for your posts of spectacular (!!!) RMNP :>)

  4. Manny says:

    The hard stony background sets off so well the delicate nature of the subject. A beautiful portrait!

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