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We saw this Clark’s Nutcracker in the parking lot of the Beaver Meadows Visitors Center in Rocky Mountain National Park.

When I went to research this particular bird, it said that the Clark’s Nutcracker is often encountered in public day-use areas. Also interesting is to note that it is named after Captain William Clark, of the Lewis and Clark expedition, who collected the first specimen. At that time it was thought to be a woodpecker because of its large, straight, black bill.

Despite its name, the Clark’s Nutcracker actually cracks more conifer cones than nuts with its crowbar-like bill.

This is exactly where I saw it… in the Visitors Center parking lot at the base and then the top of a conifer tree with a seed in its beak! Have you ever seen a Clark’s Nutcracker?

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3 Responses to “Clark’s Nutcracker At The Visitors Center In Rocky Mountain National Park!”

  1. Kathleen says:

    Yes, they were often seen near campsites & trails when we were there in the past. Handsome bird! Any snow yet?

  2. Manny says:

    Stunning photographs, Mel! The one closest to your lens is alive and about to speak to me. Bless you for these treasures.

  3. Great shots – especially the second one! Rainbow Curve is another good place to see them.

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