What Noise Does A Dead Tree Make?


I remember one particular day about 15+ years ago going skiing with my children in Vermont (went skiing with my children since they were 3 years old).

It was a very crowded morning as the snow just fell and the lodge was very busy with 1,000’s of skiers.  Everyone was putting on their boots, getting ready and very excited for fresh powder.  It was going to be a gorgeous day.  Little did I know what I was about to experience.  And that is the beauty of waking up each day.  You never know what you are going to experience… and every day is going to be a new experience, unlike the many days before.

We went up on the chair and gondola for a lot of great runs.  About 11:30am, we decided to go into the lodge for lunch (always try to get into the lodge earlier than the rest of the crowd).  But this day was extremely busy and the lodge was already crowded… and there was a lot of noise, clanging, people talking loud, people shouting and people having a great time.

I have noticed over the years (with cell phones), that there is a lot of noise in public today.  Usually, a person would be walking down the street and looking around… enjoying the day. But now, people have bluetooth in their ears and talking loud while they are walking around (even when they are enjoying the day walking around a lake, etc.)  Everyone has a need to talk all the time.

So… let’s get back to my skiing with my children as after lunch we decided to ski backcountry as this would be the best time for our strength to take that challenge.

We took the gondola up and started to trek through the trees as my son-in-law knew a very special place to start our run.  As we left the crowds, I started noticing quiet… very quiet and no noise.   All I could feel and see was the falling of tiny snow flakes all around.  Each flake that landed on my ski parka did not make a sound.  Suddenly it became totally quiet and it became a surreal experience.  There wasn’t a sound around and everyone stopped at that moment to experience it.  And what a moment it was.

And just when everyone had enough of that magical moment… skis were turned downhill and everyone started off… screaming and yelling and having a great time.

There is a time for silence and a time for noise.  Let’s just not forget that there is a need for the balance of the two.

What noise does a dead tree make?

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