A Gorgeous Bald Eagle Landed In A Dead Tree Right Near Me At Lake Estes


I was taking a walk around Lake Estes the other day and was thinking that I hadn’t seen a Bald Eagle in quite a while. As I neared this one tree where they sometime perch, I saw one sitting right up there. I took a few photographs but he was pretty far away. I couldn’t wait to go home and show Phil that I had finally seen one!

As I approached the other side of the lake, there he was, sitting in another dead tree eating his prey. It looked like a fish he had just caught. What perfect timing!

I clicked away and I think I got a few really nice photographs of this gorgeous Bald Eagle. What a treat! And he was only about 30 feet away. Isn’t the background spectacular?






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5 thoughts on “A Gorgeous Bald Eagle Landed In A Dead Tree Right Near Me At Lake Estes”

  1. Wow!!! Amazing…and with the mountains in the background, even better. Great pictures. By the way, I saw two bald eagles on Saturday…at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago! Not quite the same…ha!

  2. Mel Dear, this one belongs in the National Geographic Magazine. Everything about it: Light, Composition, Textures, Depth, Subjects, etc… A classic! I can just picture it greatly enlarged and inviting entrance into it.  

  3. I’ve seen bald eagles but never this close, and never in such a spectacular setting. It doesn’t get any better than this.

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