Is It Migrating Season For The Western Bluebird?


When we built our house a few years ago, we made sure that we had “over-sized” windows in our bedroom so that we could see everything that was outside. Our property abuts Rocky Mountain National Park, so it is just spectacular! Our bedroom window looks right up the mountains. It is just beautiful, even at night when you can see the billions of stars light up the sky.

Today about 12:00 noon we noticed a lot of activity on the hillside outside the bedroom window. Expecting to find Junkos feasting on the seeds that we had planted a few weeks ago, we were treated to a field full of Western Bluebirds. They were eating everything in sight. There must’ve been 15-20 of them scurrying about. They were just beautiful.

I quickly got my camera out and tried to take some shots. Western Bluebirds love to perch on stone walls, fence posts and anything that sticks out of the ground. With camera in hand, here are some of the pictures that I was able to take in the 10 minutes that they graced us with their presence!

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