The White-Faced Ibis At Lake Estes In Colorado Is An Occasional Visitor To The Rockies In The Spring

When we lived back east, Phil and I frequently saw the Glossy Ibis down at the shore where we went sea kayaking, usually foraging for food in the shallow ponds. They are such magnificent birds, resembling a dinosaur-like bird, especially when they were flying.

A couple of weeks ago we saw a White-Faced Ibis foraging for food in Lake Estes. They are very similar to the Glossy Ibis but live in different areas of the country.

The Ibis are very distinct-looking with their dark, chestnut plumage; long, down-curved bill; long, dark legs, white feathers like a facial patch; greenish lower back and wing feathers, and dark red eyes. They use their heavy, sickle-shaped bill to probe the mudflats for aquatic invertebrates, amphibians and other small vertebrates. They are only an occasional visitor to the Rockies on their way to the Great Plains and Great Basin to find a suitable breeding site.

We couldn’t get too close but I tried to get a photograph so that you could at least see its coloring and the shape of its huge bill. They are beautiful birds, aren’t they?

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