This Bull Elk Can Eat Anything He Wants In Estes Park


I love it when the elk come into our yard this time of year. They just stay and munch and munch and munch. And this time of year, they can eat anthing they want! 

This guy had just finished eating many of the dead plants in our front yard and was going across the driveway to start on the flowers on the other side. (I don’t cut everything back in the fall so that they can have something to feast on in the winter.) I walked out the front door to get a picture and he obliged by turning around and posing!¬†Gorgeous, isn’t he?

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One thought on “This Bull Elk Can Eat Anything He Wants In Estes Park”

  1. He is gorgeous! You are so lucky! I look forward so much to the day when this will happen at my house! Someday!

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