A New Christmas Advent Calendar For My Two Little Granddaughters…And Another One On The Way!


When my kids were little I made them an Advent Calendar to start the holiday season. It was so much fun to make. Each ornament was special to them. My daughter loved kitties so I made a cat for her and my son loved Scooby Doo so of course, we had to have Scooby Doo on the tree too. It was great and the kids loved it! They’d run downstairs in anticipation each morning to put a new ornament on the Advent Calendar. My daughter was the oldest so she put the first ornament on Dec. 1st and then all of the odd numbers and my son had all of the even numbers. It was fun filling each little pocket with the ornaments that I knew they would want to put on the tree.

My daughter started having her own family a few years ago and kept looking for an Advent Calendar but just couldn’t find one that she liked. For a present for the girls this year, I decided to surprise them with an Advent Calendar complete with the things they love…a butterfly, a crown, ballet slippers, a dog, a book, flower, Santa, a snowman, a soccer ball, etc. It is so cute and was so much fun to make. It took me most of the summer!

When I started making it my daughter had just gotten pregnant so I added a train, a block and a few more less “feminine” ornaments. Well, she’s due in January with another little girl so it’s “Three girls for us!  Mom.” The girls who are 3 3/4 years  and 21 months just love it! They wake up each morning and run downstairs to put a new ornament on their own Advent Calendar. “Grammie, I put the ballet slippers on today!” What fun and such a treasure they can keep forever and remember the excitement when they were so young!

Wishing  a Happy Holiday to you all!

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5 thoughts on “A New Christmas Advent Calendar For My Two Little Granddaughters…And Another One On The Way!”

  1. Penni…it was great fun but very time-consuming and tedious. It took me about 40-50 hrs to make it. First I looked up pictures on the internet that I knew the girls liked. I printed them out and then bought a lot of felt squares and little doo-dads (gems, sequins, eyes…) and tried to replicate them. Then for the bigger Christmas tree piece….let me know if you’re still interested! Mel

  2. 40-50 hours ouch! But it did come out beautiful. I think I understand most of what you did, but how did you do the pockets?

  3. 40-50 hours ouch! But it did come out beautiful! I think I understand how you did it, but how did you do the pockets?

  4. I bought the red felt about 10-12″ longer and then folded it up. Then I basted and sewed the “pockets.” I slit them each open across the top of the pocket very carefully with a pointed scissors. (I cut out all of the 24 numbers for my kid’s calendar and then got smart and found some online at JoAnn’s.) That part was easy! They’re self-adhesive! (I used cotton balls to stuff the ornaments). Good luck! Let me know if you need anymore help! Happy Holidays!

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