Handicapped Accessible Campsite At Sprague Lake In Rocky Mountain National Park



Being a Special Education Teacher for 30+ years I have always had an affinity for those who are handicapped. They pull at my soul and yank at my heart and I just love them.

When I first moved to Estes Park a few years ago I wrote a seminar for handicapped kids through the Rocky Mountain Nature Association. It was wheelchair accessible near the Lake Estes Trail and focused on nature and all of the things that we find in nature…wildflowers, wildlife, birds, plants, trees, etc.

I never knew that there was a Handicapped Accessible Campsite in RMNP until someone told me about it last summer. I took a walk around Sprague Lake and saw the signs for the campsite. It is off of the trail so that it is very private. There are spots for tents and picnic tables that are wheelchair accessible. There are bear-proof boxes to store their food, a grill and even a privy on site! What a perfect campsite.

What a great opportunity for kids or adults with any handicap to share in the experience of camping outdoors…and at such a beautiful location at Sprague Lake in RMNP.

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