Pot Luck Thanksgiving Dinner At Lonigan’s In Estes Park Was A Feast!


Lonigan’s Pot Luck Thanksgiving Dinner was a feast yesterday! Phil and I couldn’t decide all week whether we would go out for Thanksgiving Dinner or just have a quiet one at home. I had bought the food to cook at home just in case…

When we saw an ad for a Pot Luck Thanksgiving Dinner at Lonigan’s Saloon we thought, “What a great idea!” We went out and bought the making for a large tossed salad with mandarin oranges, almonds, raisins, olives, peanuts, grapes, feta cheese and Phil’s famous homemade salad dressing. It looked delicious!

We arrived at Lonigan’s at 3:30…dinner was to begin at 4:00pm. It was just enough time to have a beer and relax and enjoy the festive atmosphere. As we sat there, many people started arriving with their own homemade dishes. Then we saw Deb and Dave (the owners) bring out the turkeys and all of the fixings! What a feast!

Lonigan’s has a great Thanksgiving tradition…you either bring a dish to share or you put $10 in a jar which will be donated to “Breast Cancer Research.”  And…one of the men sitting at the bar said he would match all that was put in the jar! How generous!!

We feasted on 3 kinds of turkey (roasted, smoked and fried), stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, corn souffle, 2 green bean casseroles (what is Thanksgiving without green bean casserole?), mac and cheese, salad, mexican dip, sweet potato casserole topped with pecans, peas, bread pudding, breads, pumpkin pie, apple pie, apple crisp and more. Whenever a new person arrived, there was more food! It was absolutely delicious!

We thanked Dave and Deb when we left for opening up their hearts and their restaurant on Thanksgiving Day. It made Thanksgiving a very warm place to be…and having it Pot luck was so much fun. You cooked a little and shared a lot! Thanks again, Deb and Dave. It was just perfect!

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