The Rocky Mountains Are Socked In With Clouds And Snow This Week!


We’ve had just crazy weather this week. It started with rain down here in Estes Park last Saturday And then Sunday the winds started and haven’t let up yet. They’ve been about 35-40 mph with gusts up to 50 mph. And temperatures dropped into the 20s and 30s and are still there. Tomorrow it’s supposed to warm up a bit and then stay  warmer into the weekend.

We’ve taken a drive into Rocky Mountain National Park each day this week, hoping to see the snow on top of the mountains but there is a set of clouds that has been ther since last weekend. You can see that Flattop and Hallett Peak are totally white. You cannot even see Longs Peak because of the clouds. It’ll be so much fun to see just how much snow they’ve gotten way up high…especially if it’s been snowing since last weekend!

I took this photograph from the lookout over Horshoe Park on Wednesday morning, looking at the Mummy Range. It’s so pretty but I can’t wait until the clouds clear away and we can get a good picture of the mountain range and all the snow up top!

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