Tom Mussehl At Wildlife Photo Art In Estes Park Gets Up Early To See The Bull Moose In RMNP

Tom Mussehl, the owner of Wildlife Photo Art in Estes Park is an avid wildlife photographer. His gallery is filled with photographs of all types of wildlife from the local elk, moose, big-horned sheep, foxes, marmots, raccoons, and pikas  to polar bears, wolves, bears, wolverines and mountain lions.

Tom has enjoyed over 50 years of experiences with wildlife. He was born in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin attending high school there. His education includes a B.S. and M.S. in Fish and Wildlife Management from the University of Minnesota and Montana State University; respectively. For 30 years, he was a wildlife biologist with the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Parks. In 1982 he was named “Wildlife Biologist of the Year” for his efforts to end the use of persistent pesticides, such as DDT and Endrin.

Tom retired in 1987. One of his retirement gifts was a Nikon camera, which started him on a second career. His love for nature is also reflected in his lifelong hobbies of fishing, hunting and wildlife watching, now replaced with a passion for wildlife photography. Tom’s color wildlife photos have won numerous awards in Montana at the The International Wildlife Film Festival, Yellowstone, Photographic Institute, and The Western Heritage Artists. Most of Tom’s photographs were taken in National Parks, public refuges and private sanctuaries in Montana, Colorado, Wyoming, Alaska and Western Canada.

Tom leaves at 4:30 am to drive over Trail Ridge Road to Grand Lake so that he can catch a photograph of a moose before they tend to lie down around 8 am. He then can make it back to open his shop at 10:00 am. This picture of a moose was taken a couple of days ago on one of Tom’s early morning excursions. 

Stop by Wildlife Photo Art and  say hi to Tom. He has many interesting stories to tell you about his adventures. His gallery of wildlife photographs on East Elkhorn Ave. is just beautiful!

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2 thoughts on “Tom Mussehl At Wildlife Photo Art In Estes Park Gets Up Early To See The Bull Moose In RMNP”

  1. Tom always takes the greatest pictures! And I especially love the mooses…meese…mouses…whatever 🙂

  2. We met Tom many years ago when he was still displaying his work outside on the plaza at Estes Park. We bought several of his wolf photos, some of which I still have in my office and others at the house. Part of the enjoyment now is reflecting on the stories Tom told about getting the particular shots and many of his experiences “in the field.” Thanks again Tom. They are gifts that keep on giving.

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